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The 2017  general Call for Submissions is now closed. 

However, Call For Submissions For Special Tracks has been extended to May 12th. 

Current medical students may submit until August 1, 2017.

With the intention of forming new FMEC Learning Communities leading to the formation of Collaborative Projects (see below), we offer an extended submission process for presentations that directly address the following topics. 
  • Information Mastery and Evidenced Based Medical Decision Making
  • Family Medicine and the Fine Arts
  • HIV and Family Medicine
  • Leadership Skills for Young Leaders in Family Medicine
  • Chronic Pain/Substance Abuse
Direct Primary Care - Changing the Story
Anne had a bad headache in her temples.  She called her doctor's office and after five minutes of pressing buttons in the phone tree, she left a voicemail asking for an urgent call back.    Read More
New Loan Forgiveness & Refinance Assistance

The FMEC is pleased to announce a partnership with 
Navigate, a student loan consultation service that can help Family Physicians reduce their levels of indebtedness.
When most physicians begin practicing, they've incurred steep medical education debt. When they learn about loan relief programs and implement correctly, they reduce a major source of stress and save thousands of dollars on their student loans. They find reprieve through two programs:  Learn More
CIS - Clinical Information Systems

Outrage about Outrageous drug prices - and what to do about it:

The outrage is building. Drug prices are nothing less than astounding. The American Academy of Family Physicians is just the latest group to join  The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing
, a non-partisan coalition aiming lower drug prices in the U.S. From AARP to professional societies to insurance companies to Wal-Mart, the coalition is attempting, through legislative support, to slow the rapid growth of drug costs.  More

R-Health is a DPC practice in the New Jersey - Philadelphia area that is demonstrating how DPC can be used to improve health services in an entire state. 

This webinar provides background about the DPC model and the R Health  enterprise. They are recruiting Family Physicians and general Internists. The webinar is 26 min. in length. 
What would you think about 250 thousand dollar/year in compensation to take care of patients at a relaxed pace. This is  the future of primary care!