Friday Night Live Town Green

Dear FNL Fans and Volunteers,


As we count down the days to the kickoff of FNL 2015 we need your help and support.  The Town budget hearings for FY2016 are coming up and Councilman Singh has suggested that the contribution that FNL pays the Town in order to be allowed to run your community event be increased 400 to 500%, which is significantly more than the Town's actual cost. 


He has even suggested that the Town should charge for parking and admission at FNL.  In the process, he also took some undeserved, untrue, and unnecessary jabs at our event as well as our fantastic volunteers.   While we are thankful to have great support from the Mayor and others on the Council, if his position or any part of it were to be upheld it would mean the end of FNL as we know and love it.


If you enjoy FNL, we would ask that you send an email before Tuesday's Council meeting to the address shown below asking the Town Council to continue its support of our event and condemning Councilman Singh's proposal and attack on FNL.  If you have friends and/or family that love FNL, please share this and ask them for their support as well.


Please email:

Please copy us at:


Thank you for your continued loyalty and keep your eyes out for announcements about the kickoff of FNL 2015 on May 1st.   If you are interested in learning more about FNL we have attached a fact sheet.


Doug Downer

FNL Founder and Chairman


P.S.  We would like everyone's support but if you are a Town of Herndon resident please make sure to mention that and ask other residents for their help as well.  If you have a positive story related to FNL about anything, including discovering Downtown Herndon or a new business or restaurant you found because of FNL please share that as well.  Thanks.