FOCUS: Council on International Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME)

Fall 2023

CIVME grant

The CIVME Research Grant applications opened on September 15, 2023, and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on December 6, 2023.


The council’s research grant program will provide a means for:

  • Communication and collaboration that advances veterinary medical education around the world.
  • Collaboration amongst educational researchers.
  • Dissemination of innovations and other educational advances to magnify the impact of projects by outreach to educators and their respective organizations.


The CIVME Research Grant Program will support initiatives that align with one of the above-mentioned goals, and proposals can be in one of two categories: Educational Research Projects (ERP) or Educational Exchange Projects (EEP).


Click here to review application guidelines, instructions, and past winners or to submit your application. We extend our congratulations once again to the 2023 CIVME Research Grant Winners!

CIVME Regional Connect Community

CIVME welcomes anyone who is active in the international veterinary medical education space and who is affiliated with a veterinary medical education establishment to join the CIVME Regional Connect Community.


The CIVME Regional Connect Community is a place for the international veterinary medical education community to collaborate.


For more information and to join the community, please contact your CIVME regional representative. Find a list of the representatives and their contact information here.

CIVME in Uruguay

CIVME has been invited to participate in the VII International Forum on Veterinary Education from November 20-22, 2023, with PANVET (Asociación Panamericana de Ciencias Veterinarias) and COPEVET (Consejo Panamericano de Educación en las Ciencias Veterinarias).


The meeting will be held at the Veterinary School of the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay, which celebrates the CXX Anniversary of its foundation. CIVME will be providing programming and training workshops at the event, covering topics including accreditation systems, quality assurance tools in veterinary schools, and more.

For more information about CIVME’s involvement, contact [email protected]

JVME open access reminder

All JVME content is published with a 12-month open access embargo and all issues published up to and including volume 47 issue 3 (June 2020) are now open access at

This model expands access to important developments in veterinary medical education. JVME’s hybrid publishing model amplifies its global reach to veterinary medical practitioners, educators, researchers, prospective and current veterinary medical students, and other stakeholders. 

The hybrid model fosters AAVMC’s goals of building public awareness of the ways veterinary medicine is advancing global health and wellbeing; promoting careers in veterinary and biomedical research among students, applicants, and pre-applicants; and supporting engagement, sharing and collaboration among AAVMC member institution research administrators. 

Increased visibility and more timely access to the research presented in JVME will also promote interprofessional collaboration and improve outreach to the media and policymakers, further increasing the impact of JVME and its authors on international veterinary medicine. 


For information on submitting to JVME, click here.

Looking ahead: CIVME webinar series

A series of webinars on Quality Assurance (QA) and Accreditation in Veterinary Medical Education is being developed for launch in 2024. It will focus on the standards, policies, guidelines, and processes of different international bodies that carry out the process of accreditation in veterinary education.

Many Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) in different regions of the world seek and hope to apply for international accreditation to improve their veterinary medical education and enhance their international ranking, but often may lack the necessary mechanisms to achieve this goal.

Awareness, dissemination, and implementation of these policies and processes in many VEEs across different CIVME regions will be an important opportunity to support them.

For more information, please contact [email protected]. 

AAVMC Newsletters

The AAVMC is working hard to create a culture of diversity and inclusion in every dimension of academic veterinary medicine. To foster this goal, the photographs and illustrations which are used in our communications programs are aspirational, and do not necessarily reflect the levels of diversity and inclusion that currently exist.

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