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Purim Celebration? Iran Closer to Nuke Capability

as Jew Hatred Rises in America



Purim celebrates the perseverance of Jews against the leader of Persia – now Iran – who plotted to kill all the Jews in his domain in the 5th Century BCE. Today, Israel faces an increasingly potent threat from that same Iran, while Jews in America and around the world are being assaulted with unprecedented venom and frequency not experienced since World War II.


Escalating Iranian Danger


Iran is closer than ever to producing a nuclear weapon and missiles powerful enough to deliver a strike to the heart of the Jewish homeland. A high-ranking U.S. defense official recently testified to Congress that the Islamic Republic could make fissile material for a bomb as soon as this month. This frightening assessment is reinforced by a UN report that Iran is within striking distance of enriching uranium to the level needed to produce a nuclear weapon.


Iran also poses an ominous international threat – including to the U.S. – as it serves as the nucleus of international terrorism. Acting through the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its other proxy terrorist organizations, Iran has a sordid history of sponsoring terror attacks against nations from Argentina to Kenya, and has killed hundreds of Americans. Alarmingly, Iran also is reportedly “mapping” Jews and creating kill squads to target Jews for assassination in America and around the world, if Israel pre-emptively strikes Iranian nuclear sites.


The Islamic Republic is a destabilizing force in the Middle East. The Saudi crown prince openly stated that Saudi Arabia will pursue nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear-armed Iran. Other Arab nations are expected to follow. Iran continues to develop long-range missiles with the capability of striking Europe and America. Iran’s actions are a major impetus for the growth of the Abraham Accords to increase the regional stability and peace.

Iran presents a direct threat to Israel. Iranian leaders have a long, repugnant history of Holocaust denial, including teaching children the murder of 6 million Jews never happened and sponsoring cartoon contests. Iran’s supreme leader regularly engages in Holocaust denial on Twitter, and in a recent sermon, his representative made the repulsive statement: “6 million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust; it was more like 50 or 60 Jews.”


The Iranian military plays an active role in Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to the U.S. National Security Council, Iran is “exporting violence” as it is “directly engaged on the ground and through the provision of weapons that enable Russia to kill civilians.” Iranian troops are also on the ground. A new report details a secret Russia-Iran nuclear deal that would allow uranium transfers to Tehran's illicit weapons program. This deepening relationship is a significant threat to world peace.


Increasing Attacks Against U.S. Jews


The rising level of Jew-hatred continues unabated in America. The FBI arrested a heavily armed Michigan man intent on killing all Jewish elected officials in Michigan, including the attorney general. In NY, a federal judge sentenced a man who conspired to intentionally attack Jews wearing recognizable Jewish and Israeli symbols. These dangerous plans of attack serve as an emphatic reminder that threats against Jews must be taken seriously, given the deadly consequences at the Pittsburgh and Poway, CA, synagogue shootings.


The increasing frequency of attacks against Jews is spreading wider across the country, from north to south, and east to west. Anti-Jewish graffiti is being investigated by police in Alabama and Florida. White supremacist hate groups continue to spread their message through antisemitic flyers found in the Baltimore Jewish community, on cars near a Montana elementary school and at a Cleveland State University residence hall. These acts of harassment follow Louis Farrakhan’s latest anti-Jewish tirade against American Jews. All the while, Jewish students at university campuses continue to be under threat from the political far-left and anti-Israel agitators.


Despite centuries of forced exiles, pogroms, the Holocaust and wars of annihilation waged against Israel, Purim is an important symbol of Jewish history, tradition and culture – showing that the Jewish people continue to survive against all odds and enemies. The joyous holiday includes reading of the Book of Esther (the Megillah), dressing up in costumes and eating festive meals. Many communities hold carnivals for children. Purim is a holiday that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.


1. Iranian threats to annihilate Israel are ‘Purim Antisemitism’

Iran has a long history of threatening to attack and destroy Israel – “little Satan” while its ally, the U.S., is the “big Satan.” Iran has alleged baseless “Zionist Plots” since the 1979 Islamic revolution brought the current regime to power. Similar claims from a variety of leaders continue: religious (Israel is a “cancerous tumor” that “will undoubtedly be uprooted and destroyed”); political (“Our strategy is to erase Israel from the global political map”); and military (“We will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground”). Genocidal statements to kill millions of Jews is what author Dara Horn calls “Purim Antisemitism,” similar to the Purim story in the Book of Esther about Persian Jews. Many powerful governments have threatened Jewish communities in the past and turned their hateful words into actions.

2. Iran is the nucleus of international terrorism while developing nuclear weapons

Iran’s religious leaders seek to destabilize the world, create regional hegemony and to destroy Israel. Many Americans and Europeans believe the Iranian regime is only a threat to Israel. As the world witnesses the destruction wrought in the western democratic country of Ukraine by Russia and its Iranian ally, the world must understand that no country is safe from Iran’s tentacles. Iran is the chief state-sponsor of terrorism and is leading an axis of terror and deepening its alliances with the most nefarious regimes. This includes Syria and Yemen, as well as the terrorist organizations Iran supports, most notably Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This demonstrates how much more dangerous and deadly a nuclear-armed Iran would be to all nations.

3. Iranian leaders commit human rights abuses against their own people 

Iran incredulously told a recent UN Human Rights Council session that “Iran has been always at the forefront of counter-terrorism”; “For us, respect for human rights and dignity is a core value”; and “Iran have achieved greatly in empowering women and girls, as well as protecting and promoting their roles and rights in social and public life.” These recent statements are astoundingly in defiance of reality. The repressive regime has violently attacked civilian protestors, killing hundreds and detaining thousands following the recent torture and death of a young woman by the morality police. Iran uses a network of secret torture centers to punish these protestors. Iran was even a member of the UN Commission on the Status of Women until December. The Iranian crackdown on internal dissenters proves Iran is a credible threat to human rights everywhere.

4. Anti-Jewish hatred can lead to acts of violence – anytime, anywhere, from anyone

Daily assaults against American Jews are more common than many Americans might realize. The unprecedented rise of Jew hatred on social media, the destruction of Jewish symbols on campus, punching of visibly identifiable Jews and countless other assaults do not usually make national news, while the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre and recent arrest of a man intent on killing all Michigan Jewish elected officials receive more widespread coverage. The perpetrators of these attacks are diverse: celebrities Kyrie Irving and Kanye “Ye” West; Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan; an Asian American shooting worshippers; Catholic high school students kicking a soccer player; an African American punching a bicyclist; white supremacists displaying propaganda signs; and a California imam asserting that “Jews will be annihilated.”  American Jews now must decide when walking out the door of their homes whether they should hide their Jewish identity for their own safety.


A. Contact your Congressional members to demand review of any new nuclear deal

Contact your U.S. Representative and Senators to ensure any new Iranian nuclear deal is reviewed by Congress. The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act requires both the House and Senate to approve the removal of sanctions against Iran before the president is authorized to lift any sanctions. Congressional representatives respond best to personally written emails.

B. Call out hatred of Jews, no matter its source

Demand that companies, governmental officials, law enforcement, the media and civil society take an active stance against Jew hatred. Contact your governor, state legislature, county executives, city officials and mayor, asking them to support legislation to combat antisemitism in all its forms – no matter its source.


Hatred of Jews in America

Stories Impacting the U.S. and Israel

In Memoriam

  • Judy Heumann: Jewish disability advocate who spurred a movement


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A hate-fueled mission to wipe Jews off the map is not a new phenomenon. It happened in Egypt when Jews grew numerous enough to be perceived as a threat to Pharaoh. It happened in the Purim story when Persia’s Haman hated one Jew, Mordechai, and that led to his plan to annihilate all Jews in his domain. It happened in Germany when Hitler’s propaganda against Jews led to a mass effort to demonize and eventually exterminate 6 million.

Now IRAN is emerging on history’s stage as the new sworn enemy of Israel. Iran is anti-Jews, anti- democracy and anti-human rights. Jews have always had enemies, but Jews have an eternal right to defend themselves against oppression and annihilation.

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