Family Bonding During Busy Times
Back to school time can mean a lot of changes, including new schedules, schools, teachers and friends. Creating opportunities for family bonding can help reduce stress and ease anxieties by allowing for some fun. Take the opportunity to get creative with your family and plan an experience that fits your lifestyle!

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Host a family game night! You can play games like scrabble and charades. 
  2. Hold a Family Meeting.  
  3. Create a Family Scrapbook.  
  4. Experience the outdoors together. Go hiking, to the park, etc. 
  5. Cook a meal together. 
Ready, Set, Back to School

Saying goodbye to summer vacation can be hard for children. The thought of changing routines and adjusting to the demands of school can be challenging for kids of all ages. Review these tips from teachers to help you and your student have a successful start to the school year!
Ask a Trainer

Feeling Fox has some questions from FOCUS Families for our Resilience Trainers. Mandy Hevener from FOCUS Camp Pendleton offers her advice for families heading back to school.

Since we have PCS'd this summer, my child has been feeling anxious about starting a new school. How can I support my child through this transition?
It's normal for your child to feel nervous. Allow your child to have time and space to express their feelings. Here are a few ways your can combat nerves and make the transition a bit easier:
  • Validate their feelings.
  • Communicate with the teacher about how your child is feeling.
  • Join play dates during the summer to help your child make new friends. 
  • Set a positive tone about school. For example, "What are some things at school you are excited for?" 
We are having a tough time getting ready in the morning for school. How can we leave the house on time without all of us feeling frustrated with one another?
Mornings can be hectic! Here are a few tips I like to give families looking to streamline their routine:
  • Think of tasks that can be done the night prior, such as getting the lunches ready!
  • Make a morning tasks list (use pictures for younger children) and have each child check them off as each task is completed.  
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss expectations around the new morning routine. Allow time for questions for all family members.
  • Praise your child over the smallest of efforts. If expectations are not met, then try again tomorrow. 

FOCUS World is an interactive website where families can build on their strengths, even if they are apart. The whole family can play together and explore Feeling Fox's family home. Two new activities, a virtual calming jar and silly stories game, are great for taking a break when things get hectic.
Helpful Resources through the Afghanistan Transition
The Military Child Education Coalition has put together a collection of resources to support military-connected and Afghan families affected by the Afghanistan Transition. Check out these resource documents to find webinars, websites, agencies, and tools to help during this time.
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