June 2018

Happy Summer! I hope you are looking forward to the fresh, fun ways you can make a BIG splash in your L'BRI business this summer!

Look below... take a fun quiz, join the 12-Week Challenge, earn the NEW stunning makeup brush set by introducing L'BRI to new customers, and show you care by sharing special summertime skin care products with all of your customers! And, remember... there are many people you know who would love some extra income this summer. Invite them to try L'BRI!

Stay in the know, learn new skills and connect with your team by attending your team training! It's planned just for you!

Believing in YOU!
Make a BIG L'BRI Splash this Summer!
Summertime is a great time to add new customers, plan gatherings with new hostesses and reach out to everyone who could use some extra income over the next few months.

Have a Sizzling Summer!
Keep your L'BRI business growing this summer by adding a few extra activities during the sizzling 12 weeks of summer and receive a special L’BRI gift!

Get the NEW Brush Set for FREE!
Have a Show of your own and earn the NEW Brush Set as well as all of the other rewards through the Hostess Rewards rpogram. Just have a qualified Show and 8+ orders. Invite everyone who has never tried L'BRI. Invite customers and ask them to bring a friend who is new to L'BRI. Make it even more fun with a summertime theme. Take a look at all the options.

Essentials for Summer!
Every customer will love having these special skin care products on hand during the warm seeks of summer. Do a product search in the customer management tool to find out which customers have ordered these products before and may want to reorder them. Reach out to those who have never enjoyed these special summertime products? Let them know that you can help them protect and soften their skin. Make it easy, breezy for them by helping them place an order!
Love to hear from you! For questions or comments, contact me:

Lin Ragle
Email: linragle@lbri.com
Text: 951-440-7831