Are you excited about January? Are ready to make more money in 2019 by sharing the wonderful gift of the L'BRI opportunity with others? Then you will want to put the amazing January Hostess Bonus option to use credits toward one of the Starter Kits to work for you. The training included in this edition of Focus on SUCCESS can help. Be sure to check out the training below...

Believing in YOU!
Click on the success tips:

January is a WIN ~ WIN! - Here are some tips on things you can do to sponsor lots of new Consultants in January.

Why?.... Because! - Review this training to remind yourself of how important it is to keep the focus on your sponsoring prospect when you approach them about the L'BRI opportunity. Knowing WHY you are offering the opportunity to THEM will make them feel special, valued and build trust in you.

Hostess Bonus for January - Not only is this an incredible hostess product bonus, but it can also be used to help you increase your income by stepping up to a new leadership level. Imagine all of the lives you can make more beautiful with L'BRI by sponsoring.

Q&A for the January Sponsoring Offer - This covers the details of the promotion.
More Success Tips

I n addition to the training above, here are a few more tips for a super success sponsoring month:
  • Decide how many people you want to sponsor in January. Write down how you will benefit and how you will feel when you reach that number. How will you celebrate your achievement?
  • Ask your sponsor or leader to do 3-way opportunity appointments or calls with you and your prospect until you feel confident doing them yourself.
  • Invite your curious customers and hostesses to your team meeting or team opportunity events so they can learn more and experience the fun and excitement of being a Consultant.
  • Listen to a few of the sponsoring training recordings in the Learning Center.
  • Keep your January hostesses excited:
  1. Stay connected through social media.
  2. Send them a holiday greeting.
  3. Use Pick Your Price for January to secure early January dates.
  4. Be sure they have sent invitations or at least a "save the date" messages.
  5. Call them or leave an upbeat voice message letting them know you're excited about showering them with L'BRI in January.
  6. Offer each of them the opportunity to use their Hostess Rewards Credit toward a L'BRI Starter Kit!
  7. Ask each hostess for referrals - Who do they know who may want to earn some additional income to pay off holiday debts, save for their summer vacation, pay taxes, put some joy in their life by sharing L'BRI! Encourage them to invite these people to their Show.

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