May 2018

Spring is here, and May is a perfect month to focus on sharing the L'BRI opportunity. If you haven't sponsored yet, start out by just telling your closest friends and family members how much you love helping people learn about safe, aloe-based, effective and affordable skin care. Tell them how much you enjoy the extra money you make and what you're doing with it. Let them know that you would love to have them take a closer look to see if it would be something they would enjoy too. Then, set a time to get together. Contact your leader who can help you.

Keep it simple... share what you love with those you care about! Reach beyond your comfort zone and offer the opportunity! There are so many great rewards for you and those you sponsor in May! The Join L'BRI in MAY! promotion during the entire month is super exciting!

Want to know how to sponsor like a rock star? Check out the excellent sponsoring training presented by Senior Executive Manager, Lisa Taylor at our last Leadership event. She is one of our top sponsoring leaders. Click on the article below to learn how she makes sponsoring fun and rewarding.

So, catch the L'BRI spring fever and make May an a-MAY-zing sponsoring month!

Believing in YOU!

Shared by Lisa Taylor, Senior Executive Manager

Lisa shares the steps to help you reach out and invite others to enjoy the same rewards that you experience in the wonderful world of L'BRI.

Here are two more tools you can use to make your Teacher Appreciation Week a big success! Both documents are editable so you can customize for your events.

T eacher Appreciation Flyer can be sent or given to school facilitators.

Appointment Sheet can be used as a sign up sheet.

Shared by Lynda Alexander, Senior Executive Manager

Who do you know in Michigan? Invite them to learn more about L'BRI. Click on the image for all the details.
National Convention is the place to be at the end of July! Learn the keys to success from the experts, customize your training with Business Building Seminars of your choice, be inspired by the success of others, celebrate fun and friendships, and be recognized for your personal achievements! Register NOW for all the WOW!!

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