September 2019

You now have additional visual support for both your social media party and home show efforts. These visuals will help build your business by promoting the new initiatives we introduced at our National Convention - Ignite!

Check out the new images and visuals that you can use to book more shows, sell more products, sponsor more new Consultants and give them a boost as they start their new L’BRI biz!
You’ll have multiple ways to inspire hosts to choose the party experience that most appeals to them including:
  • Social Posts that show all 4 party themes
  • Facebook Party Covers and Invites for each theme
  • Images to step through the new Client Profile during Facebook parties
  • Social Posts of the new Why L'BRI brochure.
To view these images, go to  Learning Center | Media Gallery |  Facebook Party Images.
We’ve also developed a one-page print friendly flyer of the four party experiences that can be displayed at shows. Go to  Resources | Show Support | Party Experience Flyer .
The Show Menu cards have also been updated to Party Experiences and are now available in the Consultant Shopping Cart | Business Tools, item #9125. You can also locate coordinating social images for these Party Experiences in the Learning Center | Media Gallery | Social Media Images .
New Consultants will have some special sharable images that will be especially helpful during their first 50 days! They can check out d ebut invite options, some “launching my new biz” images plus $50 host and $100 opportunity L’BRI credit images.

These images can be located in the Learning Center | New Consultants Start Here.

We hope you love these new tools and start using them right away!

Believing in YOU!
Love to hear from you!

For questions or comments, contact me:

Lin Ragle
Text: 951-440-7831