September 24, 2019
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Lisa Mitzel

In a New Era ~ You CAN train a Brain to be More Positive

If your desire is to ensure a productive environment, a safe coaching staff, the right tools to motivate your team, and develop healthy, confident athletes — we've launched an online experience to learn positive psychology and communication skills!

Have you experienced frustration or miscommunication? Based on my new book, Focused and Inspired , you and your staff can receive an important coach certification in Positive Psychology, Communication, and Athlete Safety .” Sponsored and supported by International Gymnastics Camp (IGC) University, this unique Online Course and Certification is for coaches on every level: Inspire ethical coaching, wise strategies, and be pro-active in identifying and preventing abuse. Make a huge difference in the lives of your athletes and team families and enhance your sports program.

Read these Important Benefits:

  • Understand each athlete has essential psychological needs, which gives you the ability to coach with a deeper purpose and develop athletes wisely and safely.
  • Learn to identify the signs, words, and habits of verbal and emotional abuse, discuss with staff, athletes, parents and keep athletes safe.
  • Follow the highest moral standards in coaching: Teach with self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Use positive human connection to build healthy partnerships.
  • Raise the standards in your program: Educate staff to use effective communication and strategies, listen better, motivate in a healthy way, and see quality results.
  • Acquire mental skills to integrate into practices and help athletes when they struggle. Teach ways to get calm, focus better, and visualize to feel confident and perform their best.
  • Document your competency with an official IGCU Certificate of Completion from a world leader in coach education to increase your knowledge, value, and earnings ability.

For a *FREE* Overview ~ click on this link , scroll down, and you can:

  • Review the Course Instructions
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Review the online Study Guides
  • View the Sample Certificate of Completion

Enroll in the Course and you can:
  • Take the Sample Quiz 
  • See your answers, and
  • Prepare, take the course, and receive your certification.

Enroll now for the $20 early enrollment discount:

When you buy and read Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World , you are cultivating best coaching methods to develop your athletes and teams, and standing up and taking action to stop future athlete abuse. We support you 100%!
EASY LEARNING, BE INCLUSIVE ~ Educate, Share, and Inspire

Read a chapter at a time of Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World by Lisa Mitzel. Take notes, highlight, discuss with your staff and parents. Boost your team, educate parents, and give coaches the tools they need to be pro-active in preventing abuse and continue to evolve as a coaching community.

Check out this new Online Course, and Register to earn your certification:


“The practice quiz helped, the test was easy, and the information is very good. We need to develop coaches and this exam provides models and exercises for positive, effective behavior.”
  ~ Cassie Rice, Gymcats owner, coach of U.S. national team members and olympians

“I really like the information in Focused and Inspired . Taking the online course made me think about my coaching and how I can handle situations better.”
   ~ Beth Gardner, Heart of Texas Gymnastics owner, coach, & national educator

The 2020 Olympic Games are coming, are you ready? This is an opportunity to rise up! The prepared coaches and programs will flourish. Because an onslaught is coming — of media attention on all sports, especially Gymnastics, and new athletes and families will sign up! To create an elevated, safe environment, and to motivate your athletes in a smart, healthy way, go inward. Integrate Mental Training skills and get in tune with emotions. Teach athletes the steps to getting calm, teach them to visualize. They will be more confident, accurate, and consistent.

For my books, Go to my website: or reach me at . You are awesome!
On the Road!
Lisa coached 230 athletes and 35 coaches, and sold out of her books, again, at Region 5 Training Camp in Mason, OH at Gym-Nation Gymnastics Club, Sept 7-8. Lisa will travel to Fishers, IN this week for another Region 5 Camp at DeVeau’s Gymnastics, and next month, she’ll be in Michigan and Utah coaching clinics. If you’re in the sports world, it is an honor for Lisa to travel, educate, and inspire positive coaching, confidence, and emotional safety in athletes. Reach Lisa to set up 1-1 coaching or clinics for your staff or team:

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Focused and On Fire and Focused and Inspired make thoughtful and purposeful gifts for Athletes, Coaches and Parents. We have a Special Offer for the "Lisa Mitzel Pack" of BOTH books for only $35! No promo code needed when ordering online (publisher's website) at:
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My short videos spotlight parts of my books, share news, and support YOU in developing self-awareness and being an effective coach or support in guiding athletes. Follow me on: FB, IG @mitzel_coach, and Twitter.
Focused and Inspired is dedicated to every athlete who has ever been hurt by the misuse of power in sports, and especially dedicated to the athlete-survivors of sexual abuse, who are still healing, and who spoke up and shared their stories. You are so brave! Thank you for helping others to speak up and begin to heal.
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