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FOG in August
FOG Pilots,
This month FlyOutGroup has some exciting events to attend! A dinner to Vacaville, the Northwest Voyage trip, a lunch in Lodi, and looking ahead into the month of September!

The Full Moon Flyers dinner is tomorrow night in Vacaville at the Nut Tree airport! There are several great restaurants to choose from within a few minutes' walking distance. Meet in Nut Tree transient parking at 7:00pm, where we will pick one that sounds good. Make sure to RSVP  online or email

This FOG Northwest Voyage is across Oregon, Washington, and possibly Canada, for two special events! First, we will take a tour of the Boeing Factory in Everett, and then head over to the AOPA Fly-In event in Bremerton. The Fly-In at Bremerton is cool enough, but the real treat is the finest scenic flying in and around the great Pacific Northwest.

What makes this trip any different from all the other trips? Skyhawks baby, Skyhawks! We plan to take the whole Skyhawk fleet on this journey. If you fly Skyhawks come join us on this thrilling adventure!

This month we fly to Lodi Airport (1O3) for lunch at the  Lodi Airport Cafe . Plan your flight to land around 11:45am, tie down your aircraft, and meet the group inside the restaurant at 12:00pm. 

Note that Lodi is a very popular skydiving airport on the weekends. Utilize good communication practices for untowered airports, and involve everyone in the aircraft in scanning the sky for traffic and jumpers.

Upcoming Trips for September:

Summer is almost ending and The Bay Area FlyOutGroup will be flying into Cameron airpark (O61),  shuttle over to the Lower South Fork American River (Gorge Section), and embark on a 13-mile journey of class II-III rapids. No prior experience is necessary.  Click here  for complete details, including how to sign up. Any questions regarding this trip contact
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