Mark your Calendar
December 1 - Winter Program begins. (It's not too late to sign up!)
December 24 - January 2 - Holiday break
February 16 - 22 - Training Trip (select athletes only)
February 18 - End of Winter Program
June 17 - Year End Banquet at Hyatt, Greenwich
Have you every wondered what your rower is talking about ...

Rowing Shell Parts
Foot Stretcher: Adjustable plate where shoes are attached, allowing adjustment for length.

Oarlock: “U” shaped plastic part in which the oar is placed.

Rigger: metal or composite “arm” attached to the exterior of the boat that holds the oar.

Rowing Technique
Stroke: Not to be confused with the position in the shell, the stroke is divided into two parts: drive and recovery.

Drive: The phase of the rowing stroke where the blade of the oar is in the water propelling the boat forward.

Recovery: The phase of the rowing stroke where the blade is out of the water.

Catch: The end of the recovery, not the beginning of the drive. The hands are lifted, allowing the blade to fall in the water, just before the legs begin to drive.