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Meet FOLFAN Member Kathy Kayner
Eagle photo by Kathy Kayner, Wildlife Photographer and Bald Eagle Nest Docent  
FOLFAN has many active members who are dedicated to caring for Lakes Folsom and Natoma and the wildlife making this area their home. This month we're profiling one of our interesting and talented members, Kathy Kayner. Learn more about Kathy in her own words.
What community do you live in? How long have you lived there?
I am a lifelong resident of Sacramento. I currently live in Midtown Sacramento.
What do you do for a living? If you are retired, what did you do for a living?
I retired from USAA Insurance six years ago where I worked as a Litigation Manager. I have always been passionate about Wildlife Photography and am enjoying taking photos along the American River Parkway, Lake Natoma, Cosumnes River Preserve, Vic Fazio Wildlife Refuge and the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. I volunteer at the UC Davis Raptor Center and I am a docent at a wild Bald Eagle Nest.
How did you hear about FOLFAN? What is your favorite thing about our organization? 
I was approached by Board Members, Jim Cassio and Maryellen Blackburn about speaking of my observations and experiences as a docent at the Bald Eagle nest for the Wild Night event this past March. They were very gracious and explained what FOLFAN was about and all the work they do to maintain the trails at Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake.  I admire how they work closely with California State Parks and see this as a productive partnership. 
My favorite thing about the organization is the passion and respect FOLFAN has for nature and the wildlife in and around Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake. I also admire how they sincerely care for and value its' members and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the beauty and harmony of the area for all to enjoy.   
What do you like most about our park and how do you use the park?
 I love the peacefulness of the park and so appreciate how clean it is. I enjoy seeing families coming out to swim, canoe, kayak and picnic as well. I love walking the trails and taking photographs of the wildlife and Lake Natoma. 
What would someone be surprised to know about you?
Well, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, my sweet potato pie, apple pie, persimmon bars and pumpkin bars are in high demand from my family, neighbors and friends. For Thanksgiving, instead of making a traditional turkey dinner, I make chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice. 
What would you like to add? Please let us know something else about you .
I believe in doing random acts of kindness such as buying a meal for a mother and her child at a restaurant without them ever knowing who paid for their meal. Also, when someone asks for money when I leave a restaurant, I will go back into the restaurant and buy them a hot meal. In my opinion, no one should ever go hungry.
Negro Bar Name Controversy
Recently both The Sacramento Bee and the Washington Post have published articles about an African American woman who was offended by the name of one of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area's units - Negro Bar. California State Parks position is that the use of the name recognizes the historic use of that area by African American gold miners. However, Gloria Sandoval, State Parks Deputy Director of Public Affairs, noted "while African American community leaders and historians have supported the continued use of this name in the past, we recognize that such interpretations can change over time."  California State Parks is reviewing a name change proposal and will be soliciting public comment. "We welcome the opportunity to evaluate how to best honor and recognize the significant contributions of African American miners to this region."
Bald Eagles Nesting at Lake Natoma
Photo by Jim Cunningham
On October 23, 2018 The Sacramento Bee published an article about a pair of bald eagles who recently returned to nest at Lake Natoma, within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. That story and the ones that followed by local television stations, were about the closed multi-use trail, also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, and how it can't be repaired/re-opened while the eagles are nesting in the area.
The multi-use trail is a very popular trail that was closed due to rockslides from heavy rains in January and February of 2017. Clearing the debris and repairing the trail would have been relatively easy, but California State Parks had to first find a way to stabilize the area known as the Orangevale Bluffs to prevent destructive and potentially deadly rockslides in the future. The stabilization work was almost ready to begin when the bald eagles returned to last year's nesting tree and began rebuilding their nest.
Bald eagles are protected under various federal laws. So they can't be moved for the convenience of park or trail users, nor can they be disturbed by landscape and trail construction noise. Even park visitors who have learned the location of their nest are not allowed to get too close.
It is possible that a portion of the bluff stabilization and trail repair work could be delayed until the nesting bald eagles and their juveniles leave the area next summer. Last year, they left the nest area in early July. Then, if all goes well, the nesting pair will return again in the fall months and start the cycle all over.
While everyone is disappointed that the multi-use trail may not be re-opened until summer 2019, many park visitors who enjoy watching the majestic bald eagles have no regrets. As a symbol of beauty and fierce independence, the bald eagle was chosen by our Founding Fathers to be our National Bird. If you'd like to learn more about Bald Eagles, please visit and see our Bald Eagles: Common Questions information sheet.
Fall Membership Drive
Our Fall Membership Drive will be commencing over the next month. There is a membership level for every budget and these funds go to support our Kid's Don't Float campaign, trail enhancements such as the work recently completed between Nimbus Flat and Willow Creek, and other events and activities for our members and fans.  Watch for the membership renewal call from our Membership Coordinator, Crystal Tobias.  
Volunteer Opportunities
Adopt-the-Parkway Volunteer Stewardship
- FOLFAN manages the Adopt-the-Parkway program in a partnership with California State Parks. There are 15 miles along the paved trail identified around Lake Natoma and along the river up to Beal's Point. For many years we have had a waiting list for Volunteer Stewardships. Lately, that list has been getting shorter and new opportunities have become available. If you are interested in volunteering 20 hours per quarter to pick up trash and perform minor maintenance - or want more information, please contact Linda McDonald at .


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