Issue No.  69
Thursday, Nov 5,  2015

Follow Up: WE DID IT

This morning, we announced that access to Utah's river and streams has been restored. While we wait for the State to comply with this ruling and update its enforcement policies, we want to remind our membership that our actions from here forward must be above reproach.

We have no room for error here. Do not be the person that undoes all we've worked for. 

Be respectful of private property and property owners.

Always pick up trash when you see it.

Use best angling practices to care for the fish.

If ordered out of a river or stream, don't argue about your rights with the landowner but try and calmly ask for the name and telephone number of the landowner and record the date, time and location where you were ordered out. Leave by whatever route the landowner suggets/demands. Promptly report all information regarding your confrontation, ideally in writing, to the DWR's enforcement division, and please provide a copy to USAC.

If the situation gets out of hand and / or you are threatened or assulted, contact the local law enforcement immediately by dialing 911.

Finally, remember that this ruling does not authorize you to cross private property in order to reach the stream bed. You may only gain access from a public access point, easement, or right of way.

For clarification, we encourage you to contact the DWR:

A full copy of the ruling can be found here:

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