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FOMA 2023 Legislative Update - Week 7

April 21, 2023

Paul D. Seltzer, DO, Legislative Chair

Stephen R. Winn, ED

Michelle W. Larson, Assoc. ED

Jason D. Winn, Esq.


With only two weeks remaining in the 2023 Legislative Session, legislators continue pushing their priorities in hopes of salvaging legislative goals.  Despite the tight deadlines and the persistent winding down of the legislative clock, the FOMA, in conjunction with our partners, successfully moved organizational priorities through the process.  This week, the legislature passed several FOMA priority bills out of committee and off the floor of the House or Senate.  These included bills concerning payment of health insurance claims, telehealth practice standards, health care practitioner titles and abbreviations, and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) reform.

Steve Winn, Rep. Kelly Skidmore & FOMA President Brett Scotch, DO

It is anticipated that Senate and House leadership will announce the start of the budget conference early next week, beginning the process of negotiating differences between the House and Senate budget plans. The FOMA is monitoring the process as we work to hold the Senate position concerning additional funding for the Florida Reimbursement Assistance for Medical Education (FRAME) Program. The Senate funds the program at $18 million, $12 million above the current year. FRAME provides medical loan repayment opportunities for qualifying healthcare practitioners in Florida. The House proposal maintains funding at $6 million.

Congratulations Steve Winn

Honored Recipient of the

2023 AOA Individual Excellence in Advocacy Award

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, FOMA Executive Director Stephen R. Winn was honored by the AOA for his forty-nine years of advocacy, working tirelessly on behalf of advancing the osteopathic medical profession. Throughout his career, Steve has played an integral role in shaping the future of osteopathic medicine in Florida. He helped successfully pass legislation giving osteopathic physicians full rights to hospitals, advancing medical malpractice insurance reforms, securing funding to support Florida osteopathic medical students, and advocating for legislation ensuring patients have access to quality care, to name a few. 

The AOA Individual Excellence in Advocacy Award recognizes individuals for their personal commitment to public policy advocacy on behalf of the osteopathic profession. Thank you, Steve, for your leadership and an unyielding dedication to advancing the practice of osteopathic medicine. 

Judy Winn & Steve Winn

Health Care Practitioner Title and Abbreviations Passes Final House Committee

The Health & Human Services Committee passed HB 583 relating to health care practitioner titles and abbreviations. HB 583 specifies the titles and abbreviations that healthcare practitioners may use in advertisements, communications, and personal identification. Any unauthorized use of a title or abbreviation constitutes a misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent representation by the health care practitioner.

HB 583 requires any advertisement for health care services naming a practitioner to identify the profession under which the practitioner is practicing and the practitioner’s educational degree. The bill also requires health care practitioners to wear name badges and establishes requirements for name badges, and provides exemptions. Further, the bill directs each board to develop rules determining how practitioners must comply with this requirement.

Under the plan, the Department of Health, or the boards, are authorized to discipline any healthcare practitioner who violates the preceding requirements.

The Senate companion, SB 230, is in House Messages.

Telehealth Bill Heads to the House Floor

The Health & Human Services Committee unanimously passed HB 267 concerning telehealth. HB 267 revises the definition of telehealth to include telephone calls in the telehealth technology authorization statute. 

The bill cleared its final committee of reference and is scheduled to be heard by the full House on April 25, 2023. 

Bill Prohibiting Retroactive Denial of Claims Passes Final House Committee

The Health & Human Services Committee unanimously passed HB 1335, addressing payment of health insurance claims. HB 1335 prohibits health insurers or HMOs from retroactively denying a claim based on a patient's eligibility for coverage during an applicable grace period, provided that the insurer or HMO has verified the patient's eligibility and offered an authorization number. The legislation applies to individual and group health insurance policies.

The bill passed its final committee of reference and is on the Calendar of Bills on 2nd Reading. 

PBM Legislation Unanimously Passes the Senate

On April 19, 2023, the Senate unanimously passed SB 1550 relating to prescription drugs, sending the legislation to the House for its consideration. 

SB 1550 addresses the transparency of a manufacturer’s prescription drug price increases above certain thresholds. The bill also establishes regulations concerning the relationships between pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacy benefits plans and programs, and pharmacy providers for delivering pharmacy services to covered persons. 

The House Companion was amended and passed by the House Appropriations Committee. HB 1509 has one remaining committee, the House Health & Human Services Committee.

Bill Tracking Report

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