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Interim Committees, Week 7

February 28, 2023

Paul D. Seltzer, DO, Legislative Chair

Stephen R. Winn, ED

Michelle W. Larson, Assoc. ED

Jason D. Winn, Esq.


The legislature concluded its final week of interim committees in preparation for the 2023 Legislative Session scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 7, 2023. House and Senate committees passed 121 bills over seven weeks and heard numerous presentations from agency heads and other officials. To date, legislators filed a total of 1208 bills. Legislators will file additional bills in the remaining week before the session. 

Jason Winn, Esq, Sen. Hooper,

Steve Winn & FOMA Legislative Chair Paul Seltzer, DO

Three key FOMA legislative priorities were passed in committee during the final week of interim meetings. On Monday, February 20, 2023, the Senate Health Policy Committee adopted SB 112, step therapy protocols; SB 298, telehealth practice standards; and SB 230, healthcare practitioner titles and designations. Please see the legislative highlights section below for more information concerning these bills. 

The House Health and Human Services Committee held a panel discussion on gender dysphoria and minors. Scot N. Ackerman, M.D., Chair of the Florida Board of Medicine, provided an overview of the rule adopted by the Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine regarding establishing standards of practice for treating gender dysphoria for minors.  According to Dr. Akerman, based on expert testimony from experts who opposed and favored the minor gender dysphoria treatment, the boards found that there is no established standard of care, and experts agree there’s a lack of high-quality research.  This finding prompted the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine to promulgate rules.  The allopathic rule will take effect on March 15, and the osteopathic rule will take effect later due to a change to the rule eliminating the clinical research exemption.

In his closing remarks, Chair Fine advised he would file a bill concerning minors and gender-affirming care.

Legislative Highlights

SB 0112 Step-therapy Protocols (Harrell)

The Senate Health Policy Committee adopted SB 112, step therapy protocols. SB 112 defines the term “serious mental illness” to include certain conditions contained in the DSM-V.  It requires the Agency for Health Care Administration to approve drug products for Medicaid recipients for the treatment of serious mental illness without step-therapy prior authorization under certain circumstances.

SB 0230 - Health Care Practitioner Titles and Designations by Harrell

The Senate Health Policy Committee adopted SB 230 relating to healthcare practitioner title designations. SB230 specifies which titles and abbreviations health care practitioners may use for advertisements, communications, and personal identification.  Healthcare practitioners must disclose specified information and use only authorized titles and abbreviations in their advertisements. 

SB 0298 - Telehealth Practice Standards by Boyd

The Senate Health Policy Committee adopted SB 298 relating to Telehealth. SB 298 amends the definition of Telehealth to include audio-only telephone calls.

Bill Tracking Report

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