Five weeks into the legislative session, the pressure ramps up as bill sponsors scramble to get bills heard as subcommittees begin to wind down. This week, house committees like the House Professions & Public Health Subcommittee announced they had concluded their work for the session.  

Fulfilling his commitment to healthcare providers and the business community, Governor DeSantis signed SB 72, “Civil Liability for Damages Relating to COVID-19,” into law on Monday, March 29, 2021. The bill creates strong affirmative defenses for health care providers who substantially complied with and relied upon health standards. Under the bill, a claimant must establish by the greater weight of the evidence that the healthcare provider was grossly negligent or engaged in intentional misconduct.   

Lauding the legislation, Speaker Sprowls stated: “This law is a victory for all Floridians. It keeps Florida’s economy open, saves jobs, and protects businesses against frivolous lawsuits while ensuring that lawsuits with merit can move forward.”  

The FOMA, in conjunction with our advocacy partners strongly supports this legislation, and we thank the legislature and the Governor for their hard work – ensuring our frontline healthcare providers are protected against frivolous lawsuits.