Pre-Session Update # 4
January 22, 2021
Paul D. Seltzer, DO, Legislative Chair
Stephen R. Winn, ED
Michelle W. Larson, Assoc. ED
Jason D. Winn, Esq.
With the week off, legislators continued to file legislation ahead of the bill filing deadline.  For the next four-weeks, legislators will return to Tallahassee to conduct the remainder of interim committee meetings scheduled for 2021.

This week, the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Board of Medicine issued the following notices for rule development: 

The DOH also announced that the Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine‚Äôs Joint Committee on Medical Marijuana will meet Thursday, February 18, 2021.  If you are interested in attending the meeting virtually, please click here.  

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the SB 72 - Civil Liability for Damages Relating to COVId-19 by Senator Brandes.  As drafted, physicians are not offered liability protections as contemplated under the bill for other business entities.  Legislators have assured health care groups that a separate bill will be filed to offer protections to health care providers and entities.  

Wednesday, the Senate Health Policy hold a workshop on health care related laws and policies set aside or altered during the current public health emergency. The committee will also cover bills regarding podiatric medicine, surrendered newborn infants, and two committee bills repealing statutory language set to expire if the legislature takes no action. These bills cover the Nurse Licensure Compact and certain trade secrets submitted to the Department of Health.

Wednesday, the House Professions and Public Health Subcommittee will receive an introduction from Surgeon General, Dr. Scott Rivkees, an implementation briefing from the Dept. of Health on a number of bills passed last session, and a presentation on Autonomous Advanced Nursing Practice. The House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee will host a budget workshop. On the Senate side, the Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee will give update an update on the implementation a couple of bills that passed last session as well as a report on additional funding by the Dept. of Health for COVID-19.

Wednesday afternoon, the House Finance and Facilities Subcommittee will introduce Shevaun L. Harris, Acting Secretary of AHCA, and an implementation briefing from the Dept. of Health for bills that passed last session relating to medical facilities.

Closing out the week, the Senate Select Committee on Pandemic Preparedness and Response will be meeting Thursday with presentations from the Division of Emergency Management and the Florida National Guard.

Legislative Spotlight

SB 700 Telehealth by Rodriguez (A)

SB 700 requires the Agency for Health Care Administration to:
  • reimburse the use of telehealth services under certain circumstances and subject to certain limitations
  • authorize telehealth providers to prescribe specified controlled substances through telehealth under certain circumstances
  • authorize out-of-state physician telehealth providers to engage in formal supervisory relationships with certain nonphysician health care practitioners in this state
  • authorize registered pharmacy technicians to compound and dispense medicinal drugs under certain circumstances
  • exempt certain registered pharmacy technicians from specified prohibitions.

HB 343 Availability of Marijuana Use by Smith (C)

HB 343 revises provisions related to licensure & functions of medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs); authorizes person 21 years of age or older to possess & deliver marijuana products in specified amount; provides for retroactive applicability; requires sentence review for individuals serving certain sentences for specified crimes; authorizes individuals convicted of certain marijuana-related crimes to petition court for expunction of criminal history record.

Bill Tracking
Please see the link below containing a list of all legislation filed to date. Let us know if you have any specific areas of interest or concern.

The following bills were filed this week:

HB 0301 Prohibited Counseling Services by Grieco
HB 0309 Dementia-related Staff Training by Byrd
HB 0341 Optional Payments for Medical Assistance and Related Services by Duran
HB 0351 Protection of a Pain-capable Unborn Child from Abortion by Gregory
HB 0361 Consent for Pelvic Examinations by Jenne
HB 0373 Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children by Brannan III
HB 0383 Involuntary Examinations of Minors by Plasen cia
HB 0397 Cardiovascular Emergency Protocols and Training by DiCeglie
SB 0690. Prohibited Counseling Services by Polsky
SB 0692. Medical Marijuana Public Employee Protection by Polsky
SB 0698. Optional Payments for Medical Assistance and Related Services by Jones
SB 0700. Telehealth by Rodriguez (A)
SB 0714. Resource Information for Individuals with Disabilities by Taddeo
SB 0716 Consent for Pelvic Examinations by Book

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