Volume 03| August 16, 2019
Have you seen Mt Olympus yet?

T he most recognizable circle in Arcadia is the original round library also known as the beloved "Mount Olympus”. Mount O is a futuristic sci-fi modular design that has been around since 1958! It’s believed that Mount Olympus was the inspiration for the spaceship in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”, created by the most famous former Titan - Steven Spielberg.

Arcadia High was remodeled in 2008 and Mount O was the only original building left standing. It was i nitially used as a library but now the space is used for teachers to do professional development activities, parent meetings and student testing. 

This year, members of the PTO decided it was time Mount O had a face-lift. The project was funded by parents, TJ Roe from Sonoran Crest Construction who donated his time and labor costs to spearhead the remodel and AHS neighbor Deutch Architecture Group had the vision for new colors and design. 

The interior remodel happened over the summer, so Mount Olympus has a fresh look for the incoming students and staff just in time for back to school. 

Thursday, August 22 at 5:30pm
You will have an opportunity to be welcomed by administration in the auditorium and to follow your student’s class schedule. Please access ParentVue* or StudentVue before the event to know your student’s schedule. For families with multiple students, we have protected a bit of time following the last “class” for you to visit a teacher who you might have missed during the period by period rotations.

5:30 – 5:40 – A welcome message from Mr. Stevens in the auditorium.

He will start and end promptly so that you will not be late for first period! 😉

Period 1 5:50 – 6:00

Period 2 6:05 – 6:15

ANN 6:15 – 6:20 Arcadia News Network

Period 3 6:25 – 6:35

Period 4 6:40 – 6:50

Period 6 6:55 – 7:05

Period 7 7:10 – 7:20

Open 7:20 – 7:30

We look forward to seeing all of our parents!

*contact office for log on information.
Upcoming Titan events!

Friday Night Lights begins tonight at 7pm!
The Varsity team will be playing a preseason scrimmage vs Maryvale!
We invite the entire Arcadia Community
Parents are welcome and we have our own section!

(Sat, 8/17)CARWASH
from 9-1pm!

Come support Arcadia's Cross Country Team and get your car washed! This team needs your support!


Volleyball Parent Meeting on Monday, August 19th
from 6-8pm

Please drive like your kids live here.
Carpool! Carpool. Carpool?
If you happen to be a neighbor of another Arcadia Titan that lives close to you who does not have a car or a parking space, please consider creating a carpool.

Carpools not only alleviate some of the congestion of drop off and pick up, it also makes you a great neighbor.

Please reach out to the Titans of your community and carpool if you c an!
Future Titan Night grades K-8
Come cheer and dance with Arcadia Spiritline!

The annual Future Titan Night clinic will be held S aturday, August 24th from 3-6pm.

The game is Friday August 30th and yes they get to be on the sideline for first quarter!
Boys and Girls are welcome to participate so let your neighbors know!

Click here for more info and to register!
Eating and Cleaning! Two easy ways to support our Team sports!
Need dinner before Curriculum night?

Have a growing child that is hungry when you leave curriculum night?



Support Arcadia Volleyball and enjoy MOD PIZZA ALL DAY Thursday, August 22nd !

Bring in this flyer and MOD will donate 20% of your bill to support the Lady Titans!


After these summer monsoons EVERYONE needs a car wash !

Come support Arcadia Boys Golf Team any day from NOW until August 18th at Rinse n Ride Car wash on 28th Street and Indian School.

Use coupon code 8016! 50% of the proceeds will support our Championship team. Click here for details!
....OHSO this SUNDAY at 6pm!

Come join the Football and Spiritline teams with your Arcadia Neighbors for dinner
on this Sunday, August 18th at 6pm to kick-off the
Football season!

Tickets are $15 and include dinner and non alcoholic drinks, Titan merchandise, music, and raffles!

Click here to purchase!

Say YES to Children!
Its time to renew the budget override which is stated to provide roughly $19million a year thru 2025 to SUSD. This override allows us to keep free full day kindergarten, keep current classes small, and retain our expansive electives. See this flyer for more information .
College and Career information
From the Counseling Dept.
The National College Fairs will be
October 20-21st
and are free and open to the public.
Hundreds of colleges and Universities in one location!

National College Fair - Greater Phoenix
Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 9 a.m. - 12 p.m .

Phoenix Performing & Visual Arts Fairs
Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Need more information? Please contact our college counselor Jacquelyn Stauff

COLLEGES are visiting Arcadia!
SIGN UP FOR THE REMIND APP to stay in the loop!
Parents please sign up! Reminders are sent out via the Remind app to your text on the morning of the college visits! Your student should have it too!

To sign up, text the message @arcadiaccc to 810101 to enroll!

Juniors and Seniors are welcome to visit unless it specifically says SENIORS ONLY!

Colleges that are booked so far are listed below:
9/3/19 Arizona State University - Tempe SENIORS ONLY
9/5/19 Grand Canyon University - Traditional Campus SENIORS ONLY
9/13/19 The University of Arizona - UA Honors College SENIORS ONLY
9/17/19 Scottsdale Community College SENIORS ONLY
9/19/19 Northern Arizona University SENIORS ONLY
9/24/19 Trinity College
9/25/29 The University of Arizona SENIORS ONLY
9/25/19 Middlebury College
9/27/19 Gettysburg College
10/3/19 Boston College
10/15/19 The University of Alabama
10/16/19 University of Utah
10/17/19 Vanderbilt University
10/18/19 Portland State University
19/21/19 University of Richmond
10/21/19 American University
10/22/19 Chapman University
10/22/19 Loyola Marymount University
10/22/19 San Diego State University
10/22/19 St. Edward's University
10/24/19 Providence College
10/24/19 Santa Clara University
10/24/19 California Lutheran University
10/24/19 University of Colorado Boulder
11/1/19 St. Lawrence University
11/7/19 Northern Arizona University

Thanks for supporting Arcadia PTO
Need to pick up your Titan early?
Yes! Situations do occur that require your student to be picked up during class but please be patient as there might be a wait. Office personnel must physically retrieve your student as we cannot call teachers during class.

As we want our students to learn uninterrupted, please be cognizant of our Bell Schedule and try to pick up your student after a class ends. See Schedule below

Period 0 6:45 - 7:39

Period 1 7:45 - 8:39

Period 2 8:45 - 9:39

Period 3 9:53 - 10:47  

Period 4 10:53 - 11:47

LUNCH 11:47 - 12:20

Period 6 12:26 - 1:20 

Period 7 1:26 - 2:20 



You can use ParentVue! Go to the attendance tab to report your child’s absences.


For a quick snacks and cold drink - there are carts available with salads, wraps and sandwiches for $2.25 and cold drinks from a $1 and up. right across from Mount O. Look for our friendly PTO Volunteers.
Taking the ACT in September? Deadline is today, 08/16/2019!