Mayoral Candidate and Long Beach Councilmember Suzie Price Releases her Plan to Address Homeless in Long Beach


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Long Beach, CA  Mayoral Candidate and Long Beach Council Member Suzie Price announces her plan to address homelessness in Long Beach.

As an Orange County's Senior Assistant District Attorney, Price oversees and has personally staffed numerous programs proven effective to reduce homelessness in all cities across the county, including Drug Court, Homelessness Court, veteran’s Court, mental health diversion programs and pre-booking pilot programs designed to help reduce homelessness.

"Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to speak personally with street outreach providers, industry experts, nonprofit organizations, those who are dee teeing the free community from custodial settings and many with lived experiences who are, or were, experiencing homelessness,” says Price. “Based on these many conversations, and my extensive, professional experience, I’ve formed an immediate plan to address the homelessness crisis."

"I look forward to working directly with organizations and proper stakeholders as their support, ability to identify root causes, and ability to expand capacity is incredibly valuable to me. Many of them will serve on my mayoral transition team.”

Homelessness is a prime issue in every district of Long Beach along with housing costs and Public Safety.

According to the city's most recent count, there was a 7% growth in homelessness between 2019 and 2020. Even with that growth, the city's homeless population is only roughly 2,034. "This is a number we can tackle. It is not insurmountable but it's imperative that we help each person in a pragmatic and dignified way," Price says.

This plan is not set in stone, it will evolve. I welcome all input on this matter. In fact, I'd love to hear from you directly. Because we're all in this together. Feel free to email me at suzieprice4mayor@gmail.com with your thoughts on ways to make a real impact on the homelessness crisis.

To read the details of this plan visit suzieprice4mayor.com/homelessness-plan


Mom, Councilwoman, Small Business Owner, and Deputy District Attorney, Suzie Price is running for Mayor to get Long Beach back to basics, with a competent and functional City Government focused on improving the quality of life for its residents. Elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018, Price was the first Democrat elected to Council District 3 in 42 years. On the City Council, Suzie has worked across district lines to focus on homelessness, public safety, street repair, infrastructure investment, improving and expanding our green spaces, and ensuring Long Beach remains a place where you can afford to buy a home and start a business. Suzie and her husband Mark, a military veteran, have lived in Long Beach for 20 years where they are raising their two boys. 

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