NEW Hot Stick Probe
Utility Solutions Inc introduces a new hot stick probe for removing fuse barrels.
Hickory, NC - December 11, 2019 -   Utility Solutions, Inc. unveiled their latest hot stick probe at this years ICUEE show in Louisville, KY. The Quick Grab Probe is a unique spline end attachment that was specifically engineered to easily open fuse doors on overhead cutouts.
The most unique feature of the Quick Grab Probe is the additional probe on the side of the tool. Most hot stick probes have a single probe that can engage the ring on a fuse barrel. The Quick Grab Probe uses a dual-probe design so that a line worker can easily find the fuse door pull-ring from a distance.
"I was surprised at the amount of attention this tool received at our booth this year," said Aaron Wood, Marketing Director at Utility Solutions, Inc. "It is a reminder that linemen are always looking for the latest and greatest tools, no matter how small."
The Quick Grab Probe uses an arched head that can slide against a fuse barrel. Locating that barrel with a long telescopic hot stick is often a struggle. Once the operator has found the barrel the secondary probe automatically positioned to find the pull-ring with just a slight turn.
The USSA-QGP model is available now, more information is available online at
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Utility Solutions, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry.  Founded in 1990 by engineers with broad electrical distribution experience, Utility Solutions has accumulated an impressive list of innovative and patented products that directly relate to a lineman's job.
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