Comment period for USVI Hurricane Task Force initial report closes with outstanding community response

Over 200 Virgin Islanders participate to guide recovery recommendations

After ten days, the period for public comment on the 280-page initial report by the USVI Hurricane Recovery and Resilience Task Force closed Monday, July 30 at midnight. Over 500 comments came from readers throughout the Territory. 

The public comment period ensured that the Task Force's comprehensive recovery recommendations continued to be a community-centered effort. The report was available online, and in book form in libraries and at local community organizations.

The team is working hard to incorporate the comments into the final report.

“The comments represented a lot of thought and passion and you could tell the writers had read the report closely. The community stepped up as we expected with excellent feedback which helped to round out the report,” Dina Simon, CEO of the Task Force said. “We’re incorporating over 500 comments, corrections, and additional information from Virgin Islanders who took the time to help their territory by carefully reviewing this report.”

The final report will be released the week of August 27 online at and will be available in the Territory's Libraries and Administrator's Offices.