In continuing efforts to express the organization’s desire for diversity and inclusion throughout the city of Jackson, Visit Jackson will stand in support of recording artist and songwriter, Pam Confer, who will debut a new inspirational song, "Stand!" on Friday, June 19, at 10 am.

The event will be held at the “JXN Icons” mural (across from the Two Mississippi Museums, 222 North Street, Jackson).

Confer’s rhythmic, soul-filled chant is sung against the backdrop of foot stomping, and takes us on a journey of the pain and failed policies that have plagued communities of color for hundreds of years. The resounding themes of the song, “This ain’t right!” “Stand Up!” “I can’t breathe” and “It’s our time!” depict the profound sentiment of the collective from across the globe. At the culminating lyrical message, Confer challenges Mississippi and other states to change their hearts and minds— to Stand.
June 19 th  is also Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. The dedication of “Stand” on this day allows Confer to reflect on her own Oxford, MS roots. When Confer used to visit her grandmother, Annie Lee Burt, in Oxford, she heard so many stories about what happened when her mom, Annie Faye, and her family went “to town”, and all the precautions they took to navigate the systems of injustice and disenfranchisement in Mississippi.

“As an African-American woman that has traversed myriad professional and personal lanes, racism, sexism, and stereotyping are still an all too familiar part of existing and trying to thrive,” Confer expressed. “‘Stand!’ is dedicated to this moment— where the camera lens is steadfast in focusing on what our actual eyes have seen for decades. In recent weeks, new, bold voices have grown legs that can move intentionally throughout our institutions and influence change. Hope is here!”  
Rickey Thigpen, President and CEO of Visit Jackson, believes that a collective shift towards unity allows for a new appreciation for historic places like Mississippi.

“When we begin to view race differently, our experiences become elevated and our understanding spurs positive change. We all should take on the charge to Stand,” Thigpen said.  
Friday’s performance will begin the official countdown to the June 26 release of “Stand!” on all available streaming platforms. More programs, performances and updates related to “Stand!” are available at .
Confer is also the singer, songwriter and producer of, “Mississippi Beautiful," a beloved anthem released in December of 2017 in dedication to the state’s bicentennial and the opening of the Two Mississippi Museums. “Mississippi Beautiful” plays each day in the “Where Do We Go From Here” Gallery of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. May 10 is also officially recognized by the state as “Mississippi Beautiful Day.” Confer performs the positive, uplifting tune across the state and there are legislative efforts to make “Mississippi Beautiful” the official state song. The song can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon and on other audio distribution platforms.

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