Haunted Basement X Tickets go on Sale Friday, August 5th

Ten years ago, a volunteer explored the depths of The Soap Factory’s basement and emerged with a fiendishly simple idea: hand people a poorly functioning flashlight, send them downstairs into the darkness, and commit every terrified visitor to one important rule: DON’T LET GO OF THE ROPE.

A decade later, this simple idea has transformed into an ever-evolving annual tradition. The Haunted Basement has grown into one of the most notorious Halloween attractions in the midwest. In addition, it has become a breeding ground for demented new talent ranging from visual artists and set designers to actors, dancers and all-around Creeps.

As the project has grown, one core directive has remained exactly the same since day one: to scare the living daylights out of every miserable soul who descends our entrance steps. This year, in the tenth iteration of the Haunted Basement, the themes of the basement will focus on a twisted view of real-life horrors with our mangled interpretation of a day in the life of a typical tortured soul.

This year we will also be offering other unique ways to experience the Haunted Basement: 'Blind Invocation,' a special solo experience with encounters with multiple exclusive environments specially crafted to guarantee in-depth, one-on-one encounters, 'Fraidy Cat Tours,' a special lights on, no actors tour of the full Haunted Basement sets, 'Un-Happy Hour,' the ‘No Touch’ Haunted Basement experience (for those who want to participate in the fun, but like their personal space.)

Haunted Basement X performances run from September 30th through October 31st, 2016; Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 6-10pm and Friday, Saturday from 6 - 11pm, on Halloween the Haunted Basement will be open from 6pm until Midnight.

$25 weekdays (Wednesday - Thursday)

$27 weekends (Friday - Sunday)

For more information on tickets click here.

You can also check out the Haunted Basement website here and this year's teaser click here.

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