For Immediate Release
January 29, 2019
Warwick, RI -   According to a recent news report, Lincoln Chafee and his family are moving to the state of Wyoming. Lincoln and Stephanie Chafee have been active in Rhode Island politics and in philanthropic endeavors for many years. Wyoming is a state with no personal income tax and no state estate tax.  

Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “In 2006 Lincoln Chafee’s campaign slogan for reelection to the U.S. Senate was ‘Keep Chafee’, which was a slogan used by John Chafee in his reelection campaign for Governor in 1964. Today, Republicans should once again adopt this slogan. We need to keep Chafee and other wealthy charitable individuals in Rhode Island. But we can only do this by lowering our taxes. This begins by eliminating Rhode Island’s estate tax. As noted by National Committeeman Steven Frias in his 2014 column ‘Many saying goodbye to Rhode Island’, Rhode Island is one of a minority of states that still has its own estate tax and its tax exemption is one of the lowest in the country.” It is time for State House politicians, like House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, to stop talking about reducing the estate tax, and actually get rid of it. Make this the year Rhode Island eliminates its death tax. Let’s Keep Chafee in Rhode Island.”
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