Tlingit & Haida Donates $5,000 to Help Rebuild Juneau Playground
Juneau, AK (May 18, 2017) – Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Tlingit & Haida)’s Executive Council has unanimously voted to donate $5,000 toward the rebuild effort for the Twin Lakes Park’s Project Playground in Juneau, Alaska which was destroyed by fire on April 24, 2017.

As of May 16th, the total amount of all donations had reached $145,340 and included large donations from BP Alaska ($25,000), Cruise Lines International Association Alaska ($25,000).

“This donation is just one way Tlingit & Haida can show just how committed we are as a member of the Juneau community,” said Fourth Vice President Jacqueline Pata. “As the structural rebuilding phase of the project gets underway next year, we hope Tlingit & Haida staff and our tribal citizens will join in the effort to bring back the wonderful playground where our children can enjoy the world of play and imagination.”

Although the Juneau Community Foundation has already reached its goal of $100,000 to cover the insurance deductible, preliminary estimates indicate that the project will need to raise approximately $250,000 to consider expansion or upgrades to the playground. The City & Borough of Juneau’s insurance policy is expected to cover well over $1 million for the rebuild.

“The beauty behind this tragic event is that Juneau’s residents have shown just how resilient they are,” said Fifth Vice President Marvin Adams. “Tlingit & Haida is committed to being a part of the community effort and we truly admire the dedication of all those who have committed to fundraising, redesigning and rebuilding a special place for Juneau’s children to play.”

The original Project Playground was completed in 2007 with more than 1,500 volunteers who came together and worked over 17,000 hours. The rebuild is scheduled to start in May 2018.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Juneau Community Foundation's website or mail/deliver checks to 350 N. Franklin Street, Suite 4, Juneau, AK 99801. 
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