Image of Aaron Dysart, one of the artists chosen for Rethinking Public Spaces Throughout Minnesota   
In 2017, while the building is undergoing renovation, The Soap Factory is taking in some fresh air, stepping outside the Factory and rethinking spaces both Here & There. We’re making new connections with new public spaces throughout Minnesota and new cities around the world; asking you to pack your bags and join us on the trip.

As part of Here & There, The Soap Factory invited artists to submit proposals for projects outside of The Soap Factory that re-think public spaces, and/or utilize spaces that are often neglected or overlooked.The projects will take place both around the exterior of The Soap Factory and throughout the state including locations such as the Rochester, Brainerd, and Cambridge.
The Soap Factory is excited to announce the artists and artist collaboratives selected for Rethinking Public Spaces as part of this year's out-of-building programming Here & There.

Maria Cameron
Andy Sturdevant and Sergio Vucci
Lamia Abukhadra and Leila Awadallah

For more information about the artists and their upcoming their projects click  here.  

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