By Roger Stewart, Editor

FORTO coffee shots offer consumers an organic alternative in the rapidly expanding energy shot category. The company, FORTO Coffee Shots, sees a major opportunity for the product in the micro market channel, which is also growing at a rapid pace.

FORTO, a ready-to-drink 2-ounce coffee shot with a 15-month-plus shelf life without refrigeration, is made by Dyla Brands, a manufacturer of beverages that also include Stur powder drink mix sticks and a liquid water enhancer, and juicymixes drink mixes.

The company recently introduced an 11-ounce version that also has 200 mg of caffeine and is made with organic coffee, cane sugar and milk. 

“We’re really primarily the only organic coffee product in the 2-ounce format,” said Frazer Dvorin, senior manager of sales operations.