MARCH 29, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

Below are some additional comments (edited) from our patients. Please be careful before you follow any specific advice presented. Check things out online first. Thank you to those who sent us their suggestions and thoughts. Feel free to send more.

“I had 2 suggestions you want might to pass along to others in your newsletter:

The Pasadena Farmers Markets remain open. They are considered an essential service. Avoid the crowded, under-stocked grocery stores. Be out in the fresh air supporting our local farmers and purchase fresh, healthy food! Be sure to check the Pasadena Farmers Markets Facebook page for the latest update as things may change going forward.

Girl Friday South Pasadena is an amazing personal assistant agency. I have used them for a number of years, and they are very reliable. They do grocery shopping, run errands, drive to medical appointments, walk dogs. Whatever you need they can help.
I have no affiliation with Girl Friday other than I use their services and think they are wonderful and might be helpful to others who can't get out or need help."

From Girl Friday:
“Our main goal is to serve busy families, small businesses and senior citizens and help them get their time back. During this challenging time of social distancing, we are encouraging our senior clients, our clients with chronic illnesses and our pregnant clients to stay home. We have over 150 experienced assistants who can take care of all the important tasks so that our clients can rest safely and securely at home.”
-Cindi Knight, CEO (Girl Friday Personal Assistant Services)

"It would be best to avoid going to grocery and drug stores near the opening time because of large crowds. Avoiding crowds is more important than getting favorite items.
  • Do not wipe nose on the back of a bare or gloved hand.
  • Do not wipe nose on the elbow sleeve.
  • Some people seem to think these are okay.
  • When picking out fresh produce, use a green produce bag over one hand like a glove, instead of touching fresh produce with a bare hand.
  • If wearing a face mask, wash hands after putting it on before going out. Adjust the face mask from the sides. Do not touch the middle section covering nose and mouth.
  • Wash hands before and after eating if used hands in eating.
  • Try using cell phone and computer with clean hands.
  • Dress warm enough."


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Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we get through these difficult times together. As always, please call us with your concerns.

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