MARCH 27, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

Modified Office Hours
Effective today, FOWH will be closed at 12 noon every Wednesday and Friday until Friday May 29. Calls to the office when we are closed will go to our after-hours emergency on-call service. There is always an ob/gyn doctor available 24/7 for urgent medical problems.

We have now activated our audio/video TeleHealth system. The system, provided by UpDox software, is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

When ready, the provider will send an invitation link to either your cell phone or e-mail. Clicking the link will take you into the video chat room. The video chat works very well on iPhone (7 or up) or Android cell phones. If using a PC, you need a webcam, speaker and microphone and Google Chrome or Edge browser. The link expires after 10 minutes. All video chats are one-to-one only.

We are not able to use TeleHealth for any breast or vaginal problems. We can look at a wound or a skin problem, and of course it's nice to speak face-to-face for any medical interaction with a patient. TeleHealth is for Established FOWH patients only. We cannot do an annual well-woman exam via TeleHealth.

Gyn TeleHealth visits for Gyn problems are billable similar to office visits.
There is no separate fee for TeleHealth prenatal or postpartum care.

TeleHealth Visits can help you with:
  • Birth control choices or problems
  • Pre-pregnancy or fertility counseling/advice
  • Menopause or Peri-menopause concerns
  • Pelvic pain, painful periods, painful intercourse
  • Irregular periods or PCOS
  • Review of recent abnormal labs or imaging
  • Corona-related concerns
  • Possible UTI or bladder infection

TeleHealth Links

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we get through these difficult times together. As always, please call us with your concerns.

Please see below previously announced changes and information:

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