MARCH 17, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

At Fair Oaks Women’s Health, would like to offer some advice in case you or one of your family gets the coronavirus.

  1. If you start to develop symptoms of weakness, fatigue and/or muscle aches, these could be the first signs of coronavirus. You should go home, stay home and self quarantine.
  2. Stay in one room of your home as much as you can and avoid common rooms such as the kitchen or den.
  3. Wash your hands before and after touching anything or anybody.
  4. Stay at least 5-6 feet away from others.
  5. Check your temperature two times a day. If your temp reaches 100.0 degrees, this is a fever, and is another symptom of corona. A dry cough plus fever means that this is a real corona infection.
  6. Wear a mask if you are coughing. Have others in your home wear a mask when they enter your room.
  7. If you think you have corona, your immediate household members have likely been exposed. They should all self-quarantine.
  8. At this point, there is no need for alarm. Most cases are mild and will resolve within 2 weeks. The main issue is to do whatever you can to avoid infecting others.
  9. Consider allowing your body to have the fever. This might actually help your body to fight the infection. Get plenty of rest, hydration and nourishment. There is no cure for this infection other than time and your own immune system. There are no herbs, vitamins or potions that will help. Garlic does not help, but it is yummy in spaghetti sauce.

Do not believe everything on the Internet. Gargling does not help. Drinking excess water does not help. Trying to hold your breath for 10 seconds is NOT a way to diagnose corona. You cannot give corona to your dog or cat. There is BAD information being circulated. Read trustworthy sources.

WARN OTHERS (including US)
  1. You might have exposed others before you realized you first had the symptoms. You should notify people you have had close personal contact within during the 2-4 days BEFORE you developed the symptoms. They may have been exposed and they need to start taking precautions.
  2. If you have been to our office during those 2-4 days, please let us know. We would be able to arrange for staff to self-quarantine or to have the corona virus testing done.

If you are mildly ill and think you have corona, there is no need to go to a doctor or emergency room and no need to have the testing done. It will not change the outcome of your illness. Urgent care centers will turn you away.

If you develop rapid breathing and/or shortness of breath at rest, you may need to go to a hospital emergency room. You can call 911 if you are very sick. Otherwise call the E.R, you plan to go to and tell them your symptoms before you show up. The E.R, phone number for Huntington Hospital is 626-397-3445. Only call this number if it is an emergency. Call your primary care doctor if you have questions.

  1. The doctors are Fair Oaks Women’s Health are not currently performing the corona virus test. We are not primary care providers. We are here to take care of your pregnancy or urgent gyn problems and will stay open and available to the best of our abilities.
  2. Testing is for people who do not know if they have the virus or not. If you are pretty sure you have the virus, the test can only confirm it. There is up to a 4 day wait for results, so again, having the test done may not help the situation. A negative test in a situation where you have the typical corona symptoms is not to be trusted. Assume it is corona.

If you are pregnant with coronavirus, all of the above advice is the same. There are cases from Italy and China that showed no harm to the baby and at birth the babies have tested negative for corona infection. Breastfeeding is still allowed. The mother who is ill should wear a face mask whenever handling or nursing the baby.

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