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President's Message - Jenny Hood, CFP®
Jenny Hood
Dear Members:

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." - Brian Tracy

I recently completed my second Tough Mudder . Before the course begins, we are crowded into a space where we are given a pep talk to pump us up for the 11 miles and 20 plus obstacles, which include mud, ice and electric shock. What made me do this more than once? It's the feeling of accomplishing something that seems pretty much impossible. And what stood out the most from the experience was that during the pep talk the announcer asked, "when was the last time you did something for the first time? " Think about that for a minute.

I am half way through my term as president and therefore, also coming closer to the end of my time on the FPANC board. It is difficult to remember what my first year on the board was like back in 2011. I remember feeling uncertain, timid and unqualified. But, my passion for financial literacy and wanting to make a change was stronger than my feelings of insecurity. Honestly, it is hard to say which was more scary and uncomfortable - joining the FPANC board or completing the Tough Mudder. However, both events have made the uncomfortable feelings worth it. Joining the FPANC board has increased my confidence, widened my community, increased my knowledge and developed my speaking skills, just to name a few. Continue reading here

President-Elect - Matthew Page, CFP®   
Matthew Page
I hope 2017 has been treating you well.   As we have recently celebrated the summer solstice, it reminds me that we are on the downward slope to shorter days and longer nights. It also means that we are going to be in 2018 before we know it. As the chapter's President-Elect, I am starting to think about what kind of projects, events and community we will build on for next year. As the saying goes "many hands make light work", and that certainly applies to FPA. I'm excited to build on the success of this year, but in order to continue moving forward I will need your help. Please give some thought to how you might like to participate with FPA next year. We could always use more help on the board, but if that isn't your thing, then consider inviting a friend to a meeting or asking a vendor to sponsor the chapter.   If you do have an interest in being on the board, please feel free to reach out to me at matt@lucasplanners.com or (916) 921-9220. 

Your Chapter President Recommends the Following Podcast
Thank you to our NexGen Director, Alexandria Cole, I have started listening to podcasts on most mornings. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to gain new information and ideas this way! I wanted to share with you one of the podcasts that I recently listened to that I thought was important for financial planners to hear who are interested in shaping the future of our profession. This podcast talks about the history of the profession and where it may possibly go in the future. Let me know what you think!

NexGen -  Alexandria Cole 
Alexandria Cole
I recently attended the NexGen Gathering in Chicago, IL from June 23-25. It was inspirational, re-energizing, and most of all encouraging. Being a part of the NexGen community has been a huge part of my success thus far in my professional journey. The biggest topic discussed in this year's conference was the future of NexGen and being able to give back to the profession even if you're new/young.

On That Note!!!!

We need you!!! This quarter's newsletter is all about giving back and how you can give back to your profession. We have all been enjoying all the great events and support of the NexGen community but we need more people to assist with the continuation of the FPANC NexGen community.

Open committee seats:
  1. Co-chair aka (Director of Two heads are better than one)
  2. Marketing aka (Director of Spreading the word)
  3. Events Coordinator aka (Director of Making it happen)
  4. Secretary aka (Director of Keeping us on track)
Time commitment: 2-3 hours monthly unless a major event is happening
If you are interested in being a part of the future of financial planning here's your chance to do it.
Contact Alexandria Cole with your interest!!!!
916-718-5650 (text is encouraged)
"Opportunity comes from those who Create it!!!"
Membership - Karen Miller, CFP® & Dusty Hoetger, CFP® 
Hello Everyone and Happy Summer!

We want to thank our members for all they do to make this chapter and community the wonderful place it is. All of us, as members, are fortunate to be part of such a connected group of individuals. If you come across anyone you feel would benefit from becoming a member, please encourage them to attend a chapter meeting, mixer, or contact a board member.

B y the time you read this we'll have had our second mixer with the South Placer Estate Planning Council (SPEPC). We joined them on June 20 th at La Provence in Roseville on the Terrace. This time the attendees included various attorneys, financial and insurance professionals, a home care company, professional fiduciary and a representative from the Placer Community Foundation.

CalCPA is hosting a Summer Social Mixer on Thursday, August 3rd at Il Fornaio in Roseville which is open to CPA's and non-CPA's.  This is a good opportunity to mix and mingle with a different group. Click the image below to register:  
We tell you this every quarter, but these mixers really are a great way to meet members of our professional community in a casual environment. We promise you will have a good time if you join us! Continue reading here  

Karen Miller
Dusty Hoetger
Members Celebrating Milestones
5 Years 
Lester Matthew 
  Robert Kielborn    
35 Years
Jim Johnson 
Ann Fagan

Marketing Communications - Ethan Green, CFP®
Ethan Green
I hope you are finding your participation with the FPANC fulfilling. Want to feel more connected? Check out the FPANC website and Facebook page. Send me pictures from any financial planning event you attend. There is now an " Event Photos" page on the website. Check it out. I encourage you to get involved, share pictures and get more out of your participation with the chapter.  You can email your pictures to me at the address below:
California Financial Literacy Month Resource Fair
On June 16th, the California Department of Business Oversight hosted the State Capitol Financial Literacy Fair.  The goal was geared toward " Empowering Californians with the knowledge and tools they need to make critical financial decisions, for a brighter and more successful future."  A special thank you to Daniel McCurdy, Neena Moorjani and our Pro Bono Director, Landon, for volunteering and highlighting the chapter and the resources available. 

Career Development - Chase Armer, EA, CFA, CFP®
Chase Armer
The End of an Era

As many of you may have already heard, the Financial Planning Certificate Program at the UC Davis Extension is closing. This marks an end of an era for Sacramento Area financial planners as many of us have had at least some interaction with the program. Many of us are alumni of the program, some of us were instructors, still others hired planners out of the program, and many have worked with planners who were at least in part trained at the UC Davis Extension. I believe it is fair to say that the closing of the program will leave a hole in the local financial planning community that will not easily be filled.

I also think there are lessons that can learned. To start, the Personal Financial Planning Program enrolment took a hit when the CFP Board announced that it would be including the fiduciary language in its code of ethics in 2007. While many of us support the fiduciary standard in our profession we must recognize that a large number of employers do not. Many of them opted to stop supporting the CFP® designation which not only hurt enrollments in some CFP® Registered Programs like the Personal Financial Planning Program but also reduced the industry's ability to speak with one voice during the regulatory battles that followed the 2007-09 recession and continue today. Continue reading here
Pro Bono - Landon Tymochko, MBA, CFP®
Landon Tymochko
We have officially made it to the halfway point in 2017! Before you know it you are going to be drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace and singing holiday songs!
We are still doing lots of great things in the area of Pro Bono to help out those underserved in our communities. Here are a few things you might like to know about:

2017 Financial Planning Day 
We are starting to plan for our 2017 Financial Planning Day. Many of you enjoy this event as an opportunity to give back and share your expertise as a financial planner and subject matter expert. We look forward to your participation again this year. We need volunteers to help on the planning committee, and are asking for your participation.

Our first planning meeting will be a planning conference call on Wednesday, July 19th at 12 pm (noon). If you would like to help out with this great event, please consider joining the committee and volunteering your time.

Developing Community Partners
We are continuing to work to develop relationships with community partners in support of Pro Bono financial planning engagements. Some of the community partners we have having discussions with are My Sister's House, The United Way, and WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment). We are also continuing our relationship with the community of Rosemont, and Junior Achievement. These are organizations that touch the lives of those in our communities that may not otherwise have access to financial planners, or resources to help develop financial literacy. We are thankful to those who volunteer their time to support these relationships. If you are interested in working with any of these community partners to provide Pro Bono financial planning, please let us know. Continue reading here  
FPA National - Upcoming Conferences

Date: October 2-4, 2017
Title: Annual BE Conference
Location: Music City Center, 201 5th Avenue S., Nashville, TN
Special Offer! Chapter members can get an additional $50 off registration by using the NASH17CM discount code!

Date: October 20-25, 2017
Title: FPA Residency
Location: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, Englewood, Colorado   Details/Register  

Chapter Meetings   

Date: July 14, 2017
Time: 7:30 am - 10:00 am
Title: The Future of California Long Term Care Insurance
Speaker: Thomas W. Orr, The LTC Experts
Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park, Rancho Cordova, CA

No Meeting in August

Please visit
www.fpanc.org for the complete 2017 Calendar of Events
Thank You to Our 2017 Sponsors!







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