April 17, 2022
Scripture: Luke 24:1-12 
Sermon: Remember, Chris Joiner 
Jesus Christ is Risen Today
The Day of Resurrection
Thine is the Glory
Summer at FPC
The Ten Commandments are foundational not only to our faith, but also to our modern system of justice. We recite the Commandments almost every Sunday as a response to the forgiveness of sins. In doing so, we are acknowledging that the Commandments are a gift from the hand of God to guide us into living with God and one another.
This summer we will explore the Ten Commandments in worship and in a Sunday school class, using a new book by Eugenia Gamble, Words of Love: A Healing Journey with the Ten Commandments. The series will begin June 12 and go through August 14. There will be a class discussing the book for Sunday school each of those Sundays as well. Join us as we listen again for these words of love.

Summer Schedule:
Sunday School – 9:00 AM
Worship – 10:00 AM

Beginning May 29 and going through July 31 we will have one worship service at 10:00 AM with Sunday school preceding at 9:00 AM.
Thank you to all the children who processed with palms this past Palm Sunday!
Holy Week Schedule:
Join us this Thursday for our Holy Week meal and service starting at 6 PM. Sign up for dinner HERE.
Have fun with us Saturday for our Easter Egg Hunt at 11 AM. Sign up HERE.
We'll begin at 6 AM Easter Sunday with our Sunrise Service in the FPC Courtyard followed by breakfast in Wilson Hall. RSVP HERE. We'll continue with 2 more Easter Services at 8:30 and 11 AM with Sunday School in between.

Flowering of the Cross
Easter Sunday we will once again flower the cross in the narthex. Please bring fresh cut flowers and place on the cross as you arrive for worship.
Save the date, April 26th! The Primetimers will be on the bus headed to Jack Daniels Distillery and Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant! Contact Betty Barcheski with any questions.
Wednesday Morning Bible Study
May 11 - June 1
10-11 AM in Barr Conference Room

Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, presents the Gospel accounts of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection as viewed through the eyes of those who witnessed them. The Sign and the Sacrifice explores the meaning of the cross and the significance of Christ's resurrection, discussing what these events meant to Jesus' followers in the early years and what they can say to us today.
Montreat Women's Connection 2022
FPC has a couple of houses reserved and now it's time to find out who is planning on attending. If you have never been to Montreat or a Women's conference then August 12-14 would be perfect for you to discover what you have been missing! You register for the conference on your own, then we all split the housing and food costs, and closer to time we will make travel plans and some even go a day early! Let Kim know if you are considering or already registered. Register HERE.
Rehearsal Schedule
This is YOUR own personal invitation to join us! 
Carillon Handbells (5:00 p.m. in Room 215-A)
Chancel Choir (6:45 p.m. in Room 215-B)

You are invited to share your musical gifts with us in worship this summer during the Chancel Choir’s well deserved summer break (June, July, and August).
For more information contact the Music Office.
April 2NDSAT Recap
Shorter Chapel A.M.E. Church and First Presbyterian Church of Franklin continue to cultivate their years-long friendship. On Saturday, April 9, members of both churches joined together to make repairs to Shorter Chapel’s historic church building. Children and adults alike volunteered side by side, painting and stabilizing handrails, pulling down vines, raking leaves and debris, and other tasks needed for the safety and sustainability of the building. We then joined in prayer and fellowship over a meal.

Shorter Chapel currently is raising money for the restoration of their bell tower. Donations can be made on the church's website or by sending a check to the church at P.O. Box 1307, Franklin, Tenn. 37065.

To see more photos of our 2NDSAT workday, click HERE.
Session Summary

The Session of FPC met Sunday, April 10 at 4 p.m. for its regular monthly meeting.

After worship together, including a devotion from Dale Roos, the Session divided into smaller groups for the examination of the Confirmation Class of 2022. The Session reconvened and heard reports from each of the groups, and then unanimously confirmed the students, with thanks to the Covenant Partners and leadership of the program. Confirmation Sunday will be May 1, and the class will be introduced to the congregation during that service.

The Session heard a report from the Outreach Committee outlining its work. The committee’s ministry is to help guide our congregation in telling the story of FPC in our community, welcoming guests with hospitality and seeing that they are meaningfully connected, and helping lead us in our wider efforts to be open and hospitable to our neighbors. The Session expressed its gratitude to the committee for this important work.

The Session elected Karen Hanson as our Clerk of Session with thanksgiving for her willingness to serve.

We heard an update from the Glory to Glory Campaign, noting a successful Palm Sunday/Commitment Sunday.

The Session approved a revised Job Description for the Director of Youth Ministry position and named the following persons as a Search Committee for the new DYM:
Marti Downey, Hattie Kissel, Kate Lasseter, Terry Love, Riley Mitchell, Jennifer Sower, Sammy Tarkington, and Sam Webb.

We heard a brief update from the working group named by the Session to manage the closing of the Preschool, noting that the process is going smoothly. The working group members are Diane Fender, Paula Frank, Kim Joiner, Mary Sellers Shaw, Dave Stivers, and Bruce Tarkington.

Approved a Sabbatical proposal by Anne Keener and granted permission for her Sabbatical to take place September 26-December 31, 2022. FPC’s policy is that all program and pastoral staff are eligible for Sabbatical Leave after completing each six years of full time employment.

We adjourned and noted the next meeting will be Sunday, May 15, at 4:00 p.m. in Barr Conference Room.
Thank you for being such a faithful supporter of My Friend's House! We appreciate you! The boys that come into our care are often broken and confused with a long history of dependency and neglect, emotional issues, substance abuse issues as well as physical and emotional abuse. With your donation, we can provide these boys a safe and caring environment, three nutritious meals a day, personal hygiene supplies, and clean, appropriate clothing.
Thank you for your generous support over the past year. It is because of donors like you that we are able to help those in need. We look forward to your continued support and sharing how you helped meet a great need in our community.
I write to say thank you, for your gifts, your care and attention toward those who suffer in the wake of disaster, are evidence to so many that God's light and presence are at work, Emmanuel, God with us. Through your gift of $1,000, PDA and our partners are able to shine as light in dark places and support the incarnate presence of divine love in the healing and recovery of communities affected by disaster across the world.
This Week's Church Calendar
8 AM-5 PM: Labyrinth and Prayer Stations
6 PM: Holy Week Meal
6:30 PM: Holy Week Service/ Livestream

7:30 AM: Men's Bible Study
11 AM: Easter Egg Hunt
6 AM: Sunrise Service/Breakfast
8:30 AM: Worship/ Livestream
9:45 AM: Reception for Linzi
11 AM: Worship