Sunday Morning Worship

Join us for worship this Sunday at 

10:15 AM in person and Livestream. Sunday Wonder Hour for all ages is at 9:00 AM, with Common Grounds at 9:45 AM. 

You can find past sermons and the upcoming order of worship on our website.

This week's scripture for reflection: Ephesians 2:1-10

Join in for interactive learning sessions that provide tools to discover and leverage your strengths. Explore how to use your talents to discern your true calling. Lunch provided at 11:30 AM. Learning session from Noon – 2 PM. Materials will be provided at first session. Contact Verna or Susan with any questions.

All the Lenten midweek services this year are based on the theme, “One Bread, One Body,” using texts from the book, “Meeting Jesus at the Table: A Lenten Study,” by Cynthia Campbell and Christine Coy Fohr. This is also the theme of our 2024 stewardship campaign, and each week we will explore our response to God’s grace through these texts. Lent is a wonderful time to consider the discipline of giving as part of the spiritual life. All we have and are is a gift from the hand of God. God invites us to join in the Divine generosity, for the sake of the world.
We will be sharing that plan with you and inviting you to make an Estimate of Giving for 2024. We ask that you submit your Estimate of Giving by Commitment Sunday, March 24. There is also a place on our website where you can submit an Estimate of Giving.

Join us!

Sign up here for Holy Week Meal.

Sign up here for Easter Sunrise Breakfast.

Many have requested a duplicate nametag to keep in Wilson Hall, and we have listened! If you want a second nametag printed to keep in Wilson Hall, you can email Catherine Olson or request one via the Connection Card. We will also be placing a basket in the narthex where you can drop off your Wilson Hall nametag after worship, and it will be back in Wilson Hall for you for WNL.

A special message from our own Ellie Jones
Ellie is a student at Purdue and daughter of Chris and Julie Jones and granddaughter of Bruce and Janice Jones.
"One of my good friends from Purdue has invited me to go on a mission trip with her and her home church this summer to NYC. I am so excited to be serving with Grace Church and City Relief from May 21-25! City Relief is a mobile outreach program that offers people experiencing homelessness hot meals, supplies, and connections. Throughout the week my team and I will be making soup and handing it out to and eating with people on the streets.
I would really appreciate any and all support that you can give either through prayers for my team and I or financial support. My fundraising goal is $920, but I hope to raise 60% of that by March 24. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be made through my personal trip page through this link.
Thank you for all of your support as I embark on this young adult trip to serve as God's hands and feet in New York City!"

Would you like to meet fellow members of FPC in a small group setting and share a meal together? If so, Dinner for 8 is for you. Dinner for 8 will be Saturday, April 13 from 6-8 pm at various members homes. Dinner will be provided.

As registration forms are received, the Fellowship Committee will put people together so that each group has, at most, eight adults, taking into account the location preference that you listed. Groups may be comprised of all couples, two couples and four singles, one couple and six singles, etc. It all depends on who signs up. The mystery of who you will be dining with is part of the excitement!

Your dinner host, companions, and location will be revealed about two weeks before the dinner.

Click here to sign up today. Questions or interested in hosting?

Email [email protected].

This Week's Church Calendar


5:00 PM: Adult CE Comm. Mtg.

5:30 PM: Fellowship Comm. Mtg.


10:00 AM: Bible Study

6:00 PM: WNL Dinner

6:45 PM: Midweek Lenten Service; WNL Children and Youth 


10:00 AM: Sisters in Spirit


7:30 AM: Men's Bible Study


9:00 AM: Sunday School & Wonder Hour

9:45 AM: Common Grounds; Chancel Choir Rehearsal

10:15 AM: Worship Service


9:45 AM: Presbytery Women's Bible Study

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