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FPC Bi-Weekly Newsletter
October 1 - 14, 2019
From the Pastor/Head of Staff
Dear friends,

What a great Stewardship Kick-off Luncheon we had on Sunday!  Cris Rivera and Beth Stringfield and their hard-working team prepared a feast of shrimp, grouper, roast pork, potatoes, salad and root veggies for us to enjoy together (the seafood came straight from the NC coast last week!). Children of all ages enjoyed the butter-cream cupcakes! The short presentation after lunch included a video of Graham Curtis (one of our youth) talking about why FPC matters to him and an informational and inspirational talk by Tyler Momsen-Hudson about our focus on increasing the service and mission budget for 2020 and increasing volunteers caring for others.  Cris Rivera added their faithful and heart-felt words about how we are called to be stewards of God’s gifts to us in every part of our lives. Stewardship co-chair George Bernhardt invited the deacons and elders of the church to show their commitment by bringing their pledges forward at the end of the presentation to kick off the season, which ends on October 27. Their leadership gifts filled the basket to overflowing!

Earlier that morning, at the beginning of worship, we heard powerful words from Will, Leslie, and Laura McDow about the importance of FPC in their lives and how their understanding of stewardship and gratitude to God affects their lives in the church and in the world. My sermon on Luke 16 reminded us of our calling to see those in need as siblings in Christ and to cross chasms that the world builds with money. Overall, it was an inspiring day to remember how God is present in our lives in so many ways and how we as members and friends of FPC seek to follow Christ as faithful disciples.

Those who were at church on Sunday should have picked up their stewardship packet on the way in or out, which included a pledge card with a brochure including more information about our vision for increasing service and mission budget and involvement in 2020. If you were not here, you should receive your packet in the coming week. I hope you will prayerfully consider the way God is calling you to participate in this year’s vision and make an advance commitment for the way you will support the ministries of the church in 2020 (aka, a pledge) so that the Session can make appropriate budgetary decisions for next year. Thank you for all you have done in the past and all you continue to do. FPC is a faithful and generous congregation!

Click here to read Sunday's sermon. Click here to listen to Sunday's sermon.

As I close, I leave with you the following article by John Indermark: “The Starting Point of Stewardship” in Stewardship 101: An Invitation to Financial Stewardship, Adam J. Copeland, ed. As we reflect on the meaning of stewardship, he invites us to:

  • .. . consider the opening verse of Psalm 24: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it.” All faithful stewardship begins in that affirmation. All that we have, all that we are, all that is — all belongs to God. Whatever comes into our hands does so as a trust from God. We live in a God-given world.

  • The second verse to consider as a starting point is John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” All creation is not only God-given, it is God-loved — a love made clear in God’s own selfless act of giving.

  • Christian stewardship simply, yet profoundly, imitates God’s example of giving. Stewardship is our love taking form, as God’s love took form, through the giving of ourselves. Stewardship is nothing more and nothing less. Taken together, these two verses provide stewardship’s most enduring starting point — stewardship as an act of selfless thanksgiving.

  • Beyond stewardship as investment, this starting point celebrates and responds to God’s favor so freely given. Beyond stewardship as crisis management, this starting point recognizes giving as a steady act of faith, whatever the circumstances. And beyond stewardship as mere duty, this starting point moves us to giving as an act of love. Duty can be commanded, but only love can be offered. The gift of Jesus did not originate in an act of God’s duty but through incarnation that embodied God’s love. A sense of duty prompts us to meet minimal standards. Love beckons us to reach our full potential.

  • Stewardship evoked by the starting point of God’s sovereignty and love challenges each person to maximal efforts. To affirm that the earth belongs to God draws boundaries between what is “mine” and what is God’s. Faithful stewardship is more than what I do with 5, 10 or 20 percent of my possessions, time or skill. It encompasses the whole of my life, spiritually, and materially. To confess that God manifested love for the world in the gift of Christ calls forth sacrificial giving.

  • What I do with “what I can spare” has little to do with stewardship. What I do with those things that matter most to me is how I strive to imitate God’s giving. Blessings wax and wane according to our human perception, crises rise and fall based on circumstances, and duties come and go depending on capabilities and positions; but God’s sovereignty and love are eternal. When we embrace God’s sovereignty and love as stewardship’s starting point, we will always have a reason to offer thanksgiving, a foundation for our faith and a motivation to love.

May God be with you as we journey together in faith and love.

Grace to you, and peace,
Congratulations to . . .
John Weicher, who has been called to the installed position of Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families at FPC. A service of installation will be held in the afternoon on Sunday, November 17 (time to be announced). A reception will follow in Watts-Hill Hall. Please congratulate John and thank him for the good work he has already begun among us as the stated supply Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families.

Andy Widmark , who was recognized at the fourth annual Give Hope Gala of the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Durham. The award presented to Andy is “given to an individual who has demonstrated tremendous dedication to the success of Club members by donating his/her time, talent and/or treasure to the Club.” Andy has been a long-time supporter, both financially and physically, through mentoring individual children. Well done, Andy!   

Miguel and Margaret Rubiera who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 27th.

Condolences to Charlotte Nelson, Wib Gulley, Paul and Caroline Gulley , upon the death of Charlotte’s aunt, Frances Louis Nelson , in Lincolnton, NC. Frances and her first husband were once Presbyterian missionaries to South Korea. She led a very full life, and will be greatly missed. 
Added this week :  
Jodi Koviach , friend of Amy Cummings

Chuck Barenchi    
Margaret Mubanga                    
Joseph Ngumi
Mercy Ndambiri-Curlett              
Carolyn and Jim Wolfe  

Care Communities:
Brookdale Durham: Julian Boswell, Becky Crockett              
Croasdaile Pavilion: Bob Rankin 
Durham Regent: John Kerr, Ann Prospero
Pruitt Health at Carolina Point, Durham: Helen Garrison
The Forest at Duke: Fran Bryant
Treyburn Rehab & Nursing Center:  Paul Cornsweet

Family and Friends of the Congregation:
Fran Alwood , mother of Jennie Alwood
Ken Chambliss , father of Will Chambliss
Camilla Crampton , companion of Mal King
Ralph Edwards , grandfather of Amy Wilson
Heath Huberg , friend of Kathy Parkins
Frances H. Kennedy , mother of Emily Wilkins
Doug Neece , brother of Vern Neece
Jeannine Romines , mother of Karen Romines
Jim Vacca, father of Jamie Chambliss 
Bob Warren , father of Dawn Carsey
Renee Zimmerman , friend of Emily Wilkins
The Daytimers had a well-attended lunch together at Bennett Pointe Grill on September 24, organized by Maxie Honeycutt and Sydnor Patrick .  The Daytimers' gathering for October will be the Fall Seniors' Luncheon on Wednesday, October 23. We will gather at 11:30 a.m. in the East Parlor and enjoy lunch together in Watts-Hill Hall at 12 noon. Please respond to the invitation when it is received.
The Holy Envy book study group had a wonderful visit to Judea Reform on Friday for the Shabbat Service there. Many thanks to their Rabbi Matt Soffer and Music Director Allan Friedman for their warm welcome, and for answering questions for the delegation from FPC. The Jewish High Holy Days begin September 29 th with Rosh Hashana. Those in attendance from FPC included:  Marcia Lorimer, Karen Romines, Marilla Stone, Dale Gaddis, Ruth and Russell Roberson, and Marilyn Hedgpeth .  The Holy Envy book group meets on Sunday evenings from 5 – 6 p.m. Our next visit will take place on Friday, October 11, at 12:30 p.m., when we will join Ar Razzaq for their weekly prayer service. If you would like to join the group, contact Marilyn Hedgpeth. 

Building Connections Across Generations with Toast and Jelly
Last Sunday was a wonderful opportunity for young and old to get out of their silos and meet with another class during the Sunday School hour. Children and youth classes were matched with adult classes, and they came for a visit bearing gifts of toast and jelly, because nothing says “welcome” more than that!  David Smith pointed us to an article in last week’s Herald Sun entitled, “We Should Be Talking About Toast For Dinner.” “Toast” was Thilo Fullenkamp’s idea; indeed, it is the perfect food for friend-making! It also reminds us of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving ! The 2’s, 3’s and 4’s visited the Women’s Class in the basement (via elevator); the Kindergarten – 2 nd graders visited the Faith and Community Class; the 3 rd – 5 th graders visited the Lectionary Class; Middle Schoolers mingled with Journeys; and the High Schoolers matched with Scratch. Thanks, teachers, for being flexible! Research has shown that connections with others leads to better health, and helps children and adults deal with stress better. Not to mention that it improves brain function (something that we all could use)! And it’s great fun, and keeps those age barriers from segregating and dividing us. This event was one of our Fifth Sunday Inter-Generational Events sponsored by the Christian Education Committee , which Kim Abels chairs.   
Many thanks to those who participated in Durham’s Pride Parade on Saturday that wound around Duke’s East Campus.  Laurie Williamson was FPC’s parade organizer, keeping our motley crew together on a very warm day. Those who marched behind the FPC banner with Laurie included:  Cherrie and Andy Henry, Laurie Ray, Sharon Hirsch, Marcia Lorimer, Caroline Pritchett, Chris Williams (and friends), Maryn Leonard (and friends), Mindy Douglas and Tim O'Brien, Marilyn and Hedge Hedgpeth .  As the FPC group marched by, one counter-protester on the sidelines yelled out, “If you were a real church, you wouldn’t be here.”  We ARE a real church, thanks be to God.

It was great to have Cecil and Mary McCauley’s daughter, Cynthia Bangura , and grandchild, Zuri Bangura , back in worship with us this past Sunday. Zuri was baptized at FPC, but her family now lives in Sierre Leone.  They have been visiting in the US for three weeks.  Traveling mercies to them. 
The Session has called a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, October 20 following worship for the purpose of receiving the 2018-2019 Annual Report, meeting as the “Corporation,” and discussing the Long-Range Planning Team Report to the Session. This report will be distributed a week in advance of the October 20th congregational meeting. On October 20th after lunch, we will divide into small groups, led by planning team members, to discuss the priorities and goals of FPC as we look toward to our future together as God’s people living the gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Durham.

At its September stated meeting the Session welcomed visiting Duke Divinity student Haley Stephenson , as well as potential new member Gordon Campbell, who was examined and approved for membership. The Session passed motions for:
  • Approval of the Sunday School curriculum for this year,
  • "Love offerings" to honor Sam and Marilyn as they each retire from ministry, and 
  • Communion dates through early August of 2020. 
   The Session also voted to endorse a letter from FPC to our federal government representatives advocating for protection of immigrant children at the border and around the country. 
   Reports from committees were heard; in particular, the Stewardship Committee distributed advance campaign packets to each officer and asked that all officers make their pledges on or before Stewardship Kickoff Sunday. Mindy discussed plans for a Session retreat in November and encouraged members to sign up. Updates were given on seminarians John Curran and Rebecca Harvard Barnes Cris Rivera and Alice Raney were elected to be delegates at the October 26 stated gathering of the Presbytery. John Weicher's call to FPC will be approved at this Presbytery gathering; his nominating committee, other officers, and other congregation members are encouraged to attend the meeting to show our support.

Christyn Klinck , Clerk of Session 

Retirement Love Offerings
The Session has approved the receiving of love offerings for Sam Miglarese and Marilyn Hedgpeth who are retiring on December 31, 2019.
Ways to give:
  • By check made payable to FPC
  • Online by clicking here
  • Text-giving (see instructions below)

In the memo line, please indicate who is to receive the gift: Sam Miglarese, Marilyn Hedgpeth, or both (gift will be split 50/50).
Text Giving Instructions

First Presbyterian can now accept text giving.

To get started,
1)      Enter the number 917-373-3254 (we suggest saving this number in your smart phone contact list as FPC TEXT GIVING).
2)      Send a text message consisting of an amount ($##), then a space, then one of the Texting Codes listed below. 
3)      The first time, you will be directed to a registration link. After you complete the link, you will receive a verification text and a verification e-mail.

Thereafter, you will only need to do steps 1 and 2. FPC will receive a confidential notification of your payment.

Texting Codes
0001 General Operating Fund (unpledged)
2019 2019 Operating Fund Pledge
2020 2020 Operating Fund Pledge
Hunger Hunger for Change
PDF Pastors’ Discretionary Fund
PGW Peace and Global Witness Offering
Music Music Fund
MTH Love Offering - Marilyn Hedgpeth
SAM Love Offering - Sam Miglarese

At any time, you can text the message FUNDS to get a listing of current Texting Codes.
Highlights of the Auditor’s Report

Independent auditors engaged by FPC recently completed their audit of FPC’s financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018. Here are a few items of note from the report.

       The Operations Fund , often referred to as “the budget,” was in deficit by $6,232 in 2018 as expenses, at $995,091, exceeded revenues. Actual revenues and expenses were both slightly higher than budgeted. The deficit served to reduce the accumulated reserves to $241,062.

       The Endowment Fund represents earlier benevolences for specific purposes placed with an investment manager. The annual distributions from the endowments support work on the Church building and grounds, FPC’s various human needs efforts, a lectureship, and music and gardens. These distributions, which are made according to the Session’s spending policy, totaled $189,001 in 2018.

·           When all funds are combined, the balance sheet shows net assets at year end 2018 of $4,289,500, down $428,965 from the beginning of the year primarily due unrealized and realized losses on FPC’s managed investment portfolio. 

More detailed information can be found here.

Bernard Robinson & Company, L.L.P. prepared the report. The auditors found that the financial statements prepared by FPC management presented fairly, in all material aspects, the Church’s financial status and transactions for the year except for the possible effects of one qualification—that of not reporting expenses by their functional classification. This qualification was not a cause for alarm. Copies of the auditor’s report are available from Tom Bloom, the Business Administrator.
The First Presbyterian Wind Ensemble has been playing together and providing music for occasional worship services for more than seven years. During that time, our numbers have varied (usually a quintet, but sometimes more or fewer than five) and so has our instrumentation. At the moment, we're looking for a new member or two or three. If you play (or played) a woodwind instrument, such as flute, oboe, clarinet, sax, bassoon, or a French horn, and you're interested in joining us, please contact David Smith ( ) or any of the other members of the group for more information.
Sign Marilyn's quilt!
Very young and very old and everyone in between:
Please stop by our table in the narthex to sign a small block of fabric, draw a little something, or even write a super short message for a quilt for Marilyn Hedgpeth's retirement. Supplies provided, BYO creativity.  Supplies will be available during and after Sunday School and after worship.

*** We will only be able to offer this opportunity this Sunday, October 6 and the following Sunday, October 13. ***

If you would like a block to be included but cannot make it to church on those Sundays, please contact Dawn Carsey  SUPER SOON for an alternative method to participate.  919-636-2050 ---
Sunday, October 6
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:45 a.m.  Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Worship and Communion
Cherrie Henry , preaching

The ordination and installation of new elders and deacons (make up date) will take place during Sunday's worship.

This Sunday, October 6, 2019 , please join Presbyterians/ Christians around the world to celebrate World Communion Sunday.
  - Wear something from another nation or your ethnic group .
  - Bring your 2019 Peace and Global Witness Offering . Special offering envelopes will be available. Online giving is also available here . Note: 25% of our offering will support Tomorrow's Youth Organization in Nablus, West Bank. 
-     Remember on Communion Sundays we ask you to bring items for the blessing bags and present them during the communion service.

Liturgist: George Kafula
Narthex Greeter: Delia Kwon
After Worship Greeters: Diane Prosser (font/side door);
Alice Raney (rear/narthex)
Ushers: John Mozart (head), Linda Carter (flowers and counter), Michael Honeycutt
Click here to sign up to usher.
Communion Elders:
Head elder/replenish elements:  Kim Abels;
Bread 1/process:  Cris Rivera; Bread 2: Brent Curtis;
Bread 3: Diane Prosser; Bread 4: Caroline Rourk;
Cup 1: Leah Graves; Cup 2/ process: Jane Wettach;
Cup 3: Wendy McCorkle ; Cup 4: Sharon Hirsch ;
Shepherds: Font aisle: Chris Brown; Center aisle: Carol Carson ;
Pulpit aisle: Alice Raney
Sunday, October 13
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:45 a.m.  Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Worship

Liturgist: Amy Wilson
Narthex Greeters: Maxie Honeycutt, El Hess
After Worship Greeters: Dawn Carsey (font/side door);
Tom Bacon (rear/narthex)
Ushers: Click here to sign up to usher. 
Click here to see brief descriptions of Sunday School
and short-term study opportunities for adults, youth, and children.

The "Becoming an Anti-Racist Church" and
" The  Thoughtful Christian" classes have been postponed.
These classes will be offered in 2020. Stay tuned for startup dates.
The Walk
Using Brian McLaurin's book, We Make the Road by Walking , and led by Mary Berry, Emily Diy, and Abi Warmack , this class invites all who come to walk together through an overview of the whole Bible exploring the difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today. Come walk with us! This class meets in room 205 of the Education building from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Activate for Chapter 4: "The Drama of Desire" - Be especially sensitive to rivalry this week. When you feel it, ask what "desire to acquire" is driving you. And ask whom you are imitating in this "desire to acquire." Seek to become more aware of the Cain and Abel struggling in your own life and heart.

Activate for Chapter 5: "In Over Our Heads" - Look for moments this week when it might be appropriate for you to say, "God must be better than that." And look for examples this week of the powerful exploiting the vulnerable when it might be appropriate for you to say, "We can be better than that."

The  Journeys Class  has begun their fall study on racism and poverty. We are currently discussing chapter 2 of The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone.  Journeys meets in the church house apartment, room 221 . Class leaders are  Andy Henry   and  Eric Wiebe .

The Faith and Community Class:
Faith and Community members have been participating in a series of four discussions on  Building Connections to a Life of Meaning: Beyond the Offering Plate.  The focus of these discussions has been discipleship, and what it means to organize our lives and resources in service to God.  This Sunday’s discussion will be led by Sharon Hirsch.   The previous presentation were led by George Bernhardt, Cris Rivera and Mindy Douglas . These classes have been a prelude to Stewardship Season, which kicked off with lunch on Sunday.  Coming after this series: a series on immigration issues, and how they affect families at the border and families in our community. Faith and Community meets from 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. in Watts-Hill Hall , and all are welcome. 
Lectionary Class:
October 6:
How do we respond when times are bad? With lamentation, or complaint, or thoughts of revenge? Or with perseverance and steadfast faith? Join us for discussion at 9:45 in the East Parlor .
October 13:
Sometimes the word of God breaks into our lives in miraculous, unexpected ways. At other times, God commands us to live ordinary lives in the place where we find ourselves. But we can always pray, and praise, and give thanks. 

Spiritual Formation Class
This year-round class for women is led by  Susan Dunlap  and explores the topic of spiritual formation. Join us at 9:45 a.m. in  basement classroom B-16 .  
Sunday Evening Book Study
This is an experiential learning class for adults, who may or may not have children or youth in programs on Sunday evenings. Using Barbara Brown Taylor’s latest book, Holy Envy , we will read and discuss religious plurality in the Durham area, and observe how others express their faith. Read more here . Upcoming visits include: Ar Razzaq Masjid ( October 11 ) and The Durham Friends Congregation ( November 10 ). These visits will take place at various times, but our discussions will be on Sunday evenings, through November 24. Contact Marilyn Hedgpeth for more information.
The Alleluia Children’s Choir is off and running with two performances under their belt! The choir is open to children in second - fifth grade who attend or have friends at FPC or Covenant Presbyterian Church.

On Sunday, November 10, Covenant’s new pastor will be installed at 4 pm. In lieu of having a 5:00 rehearsal, we will sing during the installation service. This is an exciting time, so please plan to have your singer there and remember that there will be no rehearsal that day. 

Also, Covenant has their Service of Lessons and Carols on Sunday, December 22 at 6:30. The choir will sing during that service. Again , no rehearsal that day, as well as the following Sunday, December 29 (Christmas break.)

Please contact Kathy Parkins at for more information on rehearsal times and location, and upcoming performance events. Brennetta Simpson is the director of the choir and she can be reached at
We will meet on Sunday, October 6 following worship in the Wilson Parlor. Interested persons are welcome to join us.

Join us for a trip to Montgomery to tour The National Memorial for Peace and Justice  and visit The Legacy Museum Exhibit: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration
A group of First Presbyterians is planning a trip to the Memorial and Museum in Montgomery this October 18-20. Details regarding transportation and lodging TBD. If you are interested in learning more please contact Kathy Conner (919 451-5445) or Eric Wiebe (919 656-0886).  Check out the museum: Legacy Museum.

Free REI Groundwater Workshop!
You are invited to a Groundwater Presentation with the Racial Equity Institute (REI) on Thursday, October 10 from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon at the Whitted Building in Hillsborough at 300 W. Tryon Street .  The presentation is free but space is limited. You must register online to reserve a seat:

A typical Groundwater Presentation is a three-hour introduction to Racial Equity. In this lively and participatory presentation, REI organizers will use stories and data to present a perspective that racism is fundamentally structural in nature. By examining characteristics of modern-day racial inequity, the presentation introduces participants to an analysis that most find immediately helpful and relevant. The Groundwater Presentation dovetails with REI’s Phase 1 workshop and is recommended as an introduction or follow-up to a full two-day workshop. The Groundwater metaphor is designed to illustrate the reality that we live in a racially structured society, and that is what causes racial inequity. 
Monday, October 7
10:30 a.m. in the East Parlor
Circle and Bible Study
Discussion led by Susan Dunlap
New faces welcome!
FPC will be a polling place on Tuesday, October 8
On Tuesday, October 8, FPC will serve as a polling place (due to the closing of the Durham Public Library for renovations). We recommend that you contact the staff by phone or e-mail that day as there will be very little, if any, parking available during regular hours. The Day School will operate on its normal schedule. Meetings that are not affected by parking restrictions will meet as scheduled. Please contact Tom Bloom , Business Administrator, at if you have questions.
Please respond to the EVITE or paper invitation (call the church office) if you plan to attend the playground dedication (and reception that will follow). The naming ceremony and reception will take place on the playground or moved inside to Watts-Hill Hall if it is raining.

Primetimers' Covered Dish Supper
Friday, October 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Mac and Wendy McCorkle
Please respond to the EVITE with your intentions and remember to include the type of dish you will bring.
First Friends and Families October Potluck
Friday, October 25
at the home of Susan Dunlap and Prasad Kasibhatla
Susan Dunlap and Cherrie Henry are co-hosting. Kids welcome. EVITE coming soon!

Scratch Potluck and Pumpkin Carving
Saturday, October 26
at the home of Tim Bonner and Erin McCann
EVITE coming soon!
Support Group for Caregivers
The next support group meeting for care-givers of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia will be on Sunday, October 13 at 2 p.m. in the Wilson Parlor at FPC .  This group is open to anyone in the community who wants to share the joys and perils of being a care-giver.  Laura McNab is leading the support group.  For more information, contact Laura at 843-222-1718.
Winesday Fellowship
Wednesday, October 16
5:00 p.m. at the Durham Co-op
This spring, a few of us FPC fellowshippers began gathering at the Durham Co-op Market on occasion for their regular wine tasting events at the kind invitation of Cris Rivera. Our little trial group found this to be a really nice, laid back way to get to know each other better while supporting a great community-focused local market. We've been having so much fun hanging out together that we want to make it a monthly "thing," open to any and all! After a break for the summer, we're gathering again. Join us in sharing wine and breaking bread in a more casual
setting! We meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Cost is $3 for wine tasting and then we each usually pitch in on an assortment of bread, cheese and other light dinner snacks to share.
  • We usually eat outside which is lovely, weather permitting.
  • Email or text Laurie Williamson (919-724-1682) to let us know you are coming or you can just show up.
  • You are welcomed to bring a friend!
  • Link to their website:
You are invited to Dinner and a Documentary
Sunday, October 27
5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in Watts-Hill Hall
A showing of: 
Resilience, the Biology of Stress
and the Science of Hope
Through shared testimonials and research, James Redford’s documentary opens eyes to the toxicity of stress in the lives of children and youth, and the antidote of building strong relationships to counter that stress. It’s something that every family, school and church should be aware of, and something that every family, school and church should address. Redford’s documentary presents big questions that are creeping into multiple fields of work and society around issues of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, lower life expectancy and increasing incidence of heart disease and cancer that are afflicting our children and youth. While this sounds dire, the film emits positive energy as to how we might unite to combat these Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s, as they are called). 

First Presbyterian Church has been invited by Prevent Child Abuse NC to take part in a pilot program aimed at reaching out to faith communities to increase awareness of situations that lead to ACE’s, and also to be part of the solution in building connections that foster resilience in children and youth. We are honored to be part of this program, and look forward to being at the forefront of this movement of wellness and shalom. An invitation will be coming to you soon, to invite you to attend the showing of Resilience.  Sharon Hirsch is the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse, NC, and the Christian Education Committee is sponsoring the Dinner and Documentary.  
Community Invitations
Friday, October 11
Mallarme Chamber Players
CONCERT: 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
in the FPC sanctuary
Ticket required
Low & Lower, Brooks Whitehouse – cello and Paul Sharpe – bass, America’s #1 selling cello/bass duo celebrates its popular mashup of comedy, virtuosity and satire with a new show,  A Series of Unfortunate Musical Events. Click here for details and ticket information.
Growing thru Grief

Click here to see more information, dates, and topics.

Meetings are held year-round on Tuesdays (except for holidays) at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 1200 W. Cornwallis. We gather at 4:00 p.m. for registration, coffee, and cookies; the meeting, a presentation plus small group discussion, starts at 4:30 and ends by 6:00 p.m.
Call Center Job Opportunity
Click here to see information about a call center job fair being held in Raleigh today until 6:00 p.m.
The next church newsletter will be issued October 15.
Please submit your articles to Valerie in the church office
by Sunday, October 13.