Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Worship with us online
All Church services and activities are canceled for the foreseeable future. We will live-stream an abbreviated Sunday morning service on our FPC facebook page and continue to upload the text sermons on our website.

March 25: Midweek Lenten Service, 6:45 PM (FB Live)
Scripture: Psalm 23
Anne Keener

Church-wide chat following the Lenten Service at 7:30 PM ( https://zoom.us/j/950701768)
Check out the bottom of this email for all the zoom links for meetings this week!

March 29: Sunday Worship, 10 AM (FB Live)
Scripture: Ezekiel 37: 1-14  
Sermon Title: You Know
Chris Joiner

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Congregational Care
Helping One Another
It is hard to balance staying at home and also having the food and medicine that you need. We have members who are offering to shop for other members who are in vulnerable populations to allow them to stay home and safe. So we have two questions:
Are you needing food or medicine but do not want to get out?
Are you willing to join the list of people offering to provide these needs?
If you are answering yes to either question, please contact Anne Keener ( akeener@fpcfranklin.org or 615-516-0653). As Christians, we are called to both give and receive. There are seasons of life to be on both sides. We are the body of Christ, and we are in this together. 

Visitation Ministry
You don’t have to be part an official part of the Visitation Ministry to reach out to others. If someone comes to your mind during these days of social distancing, call them or send them a card. Everyone likes to know others think of them.  
Even though we aren’t meeting at church to practice yoga together, we encourage you to incorporate yoga into your routine. Deep breathing is important for many reasons one of which is that it lowers anxiety. Even a simple breath prayer can help you physically and mentally. Simply breathe in through your nose as you say to yourself one phrase and then breathe out also through your nose as your say to yourself another phrase. Some suggests are Holy Spirit-fill me or Lord Jesus Christ-have mercy on me or Loving God-help me , but you can choose whatever connects with you. Continue to breathe in and out offering this prayer for several minutes. Allow it to be a doorway into deeper connection with God. 
Stephen Ministry: Healing Takes Time
We have all heard this before, but have you ever asked yourself “how much time?” It is different for everyone. If you are healing from a loss, divorce, surgery, or any other life change and it feels like it is taking forever, you may need the assistance of a Stephen Minister. Our trained team can help you in confidential Christian one to one weekly care. We are here to walk a journey with you when healing may seem to be out of control. For more information about Stephen Ministry, reach out confidentially by emailing Stephen Leader Judi Arnold ( judimarnold@gmail.com ) or one of the pastors.
Growth Groups
Growth Groups are not meeting face to face, but through the gift of technology, we are still able to connect, discuss The Apostles’ Creed, and create community from the comfort of our own homes. 
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Our new daytime group has enjoyed knitting/crocheting together, and they will again once we are able to continue onsite church events. They shared prayers of dedication for a couple prayer shawls at their last meeting. We wonder how many prayer shawls will be made while members are home over the next few weeks. May you each find creative ways to pray for one another.
Pictorial Directory
We have cancelled our directory photography dates originally set for April 3 & 4 at church and will be in touch when those dates are rescheduled. Thank you to all who had reserved a spot. We look forward to being able to update the directory in the future and see each other face to face.  
Children’s ZOOM Gathering!
Wednesday, March 25
6:00 PM
We will gathering for a story time and fun activities. 
10:30 AM - Bible Study https://zoom.us/j/329114825  
6:00 PM - Children's Gathering https://zoom.us/j/597458062
6:45 PM - Lenten Service FB Live
7:30 PM - All Church Chat https://zoom.us/j/950701768
7:30 PM - Confirmation Covenant Partners https://us04web.zoom.us/j/811308066

11:30 AM - Primetimers https://zoom.us/j/441578412  
2:00 PM - Zoom Practice Session https://zoom.us/j/502376873  
3:00 PM - Virtual Coffee House https://zoom.us/j/474414614
Stephen Ministry Meeting

10:00 AM - Sisters in Spirit https://zoom.us/j/742394137
Growth Group

7:30 AM - Men's Bible Study https://us04web.zoom.us/j/289237590  
9:00 AM - Living Faith https://zoom.us/j/814698944
9:00 AM - Wired Word https://zoom.us/j/814698944
9:00 AM - Feasting on the Word
9:00 AM - Exploration
9:00 AM - Christian Faith and Life
1:00 PM - Confirmation Class https://us04web.zoom.us/j/811308066
10:00 AM - Worship Service FB Live
6:00 PM - Youth Group https://zoom.us/j/918931183

Growth Group
7:00 PM - Children's CE Committee
Growth Group

Growth Group
Franklin Growth Group
Thompson's Station Growth Group