Jan 6, 2021

Today is Epiphany - the Christian feast that concludes the 12 days of Christmas. We will celebrate it and "Baptism of the Lord" this Sunday. We hope you will join us on Facebook Live or on our YouTube channel.

Today, as we watch the news unfold, I invite you to join me in praying the following Epiphany prayer:

God of light, shining in darkness, through a little child, born in Bethlehem, you open to us the treasure of your grace. Help us to search diligently for him, so that we may offer our lives to you with thanksgiving, joy, and praise; through Jesus Christ, the rising star. Amen.

To see how you might start a new Epiphany tradition, and invite the peace of Christ into your home, click here.

May the peace of Christ be with you. 

Pastor David
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Our prayers of sympathy and support are extended to the family and friends of:

Lyle Brewster, who died on December 31, 2020.

Martha Bellah, who died on January 4, 2021.

"For we observed his star at its rising, and 
have come to pay him homage."
~Matthew 2:2

A few years ago, we began distributing "star words" on Epiphany. Star words are a riff on the journey of the magi- like the star of Bethlehem, they guide us towards deeper faithfulness.  These words won't magically make things appear in your life- like with actual stars, your job is to notice them already shining in the night sky, and trust they are there even when you can't see them because of sun or clouds. We won't be able to hand out paper stars in worship this year. Instead, click here to access a star word for your 2021 faith journey. Write your star word on a piece of paper and put it somewhere so you will see it every day throughout the year. 


These Days Devotionals 
are finally here!!

If you would like a copy, please email lisa@fpcrichardson.org.
They will also be available 
at the next food drive on 
Jan. 21.

In the meantime, if you would like to download devotionals for the month of January, click here.


Jan 18
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Free Zoom event

Help end racism one meal at a time. There's no better time to come together and create dialogues that will help us look past race and ethnicity to see each other's unique humanity. 

Dallas Dinner Table events provide an opportunity to hear and share diverse perspectives about the impact of race on the daily lives of residents in our communities. To register, click here.

For more information, please go to dallasdinnertable.com.

Delivered to Terrace
(our Neighborhood School)

Continuing our commitment to support and partner with the "Terrace Tigers" at Richardson Terrace Elementary (RTE), First Friday and Mission Ministry volunteers prepared 65 holiday treat bags for the RTE staff in December. Along with a home-baked sweet bread loaf, each bag included a handwritten appreciation notecard, snacking peanuts, Cutie oranges, mints, gum, and candy kisses. Treats were delivered early Friday morning, December 11, along with seven dozen fresh, hot breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. The staff responded quickly with multiple thank yous, and requests for the sweet bread recipes!

A portion of the hoodies collected in December will be delivered to the counselor at RTE in January and another staff appreciation project will be planned for spring. To support RTE individually (where over 70 percent of students are economically disadvantaged), you are invited to join the Terrace Tigers PTA for just $11.00 hereOr, to volunteer with our Mission Ministry, contact Lea Perkins. 
Drop off items at the 
Food Drive on Jan 21.

Click here for more info.


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First Presbyterian Church
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Richardson, TX  75083

If you would like to receive the church's prayer 
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2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Recognizing the unusual and demanding challenges teachers face this school year because of COVID-19, we want to identify and pray for FPCR members (or family members) who are teaching this year. Our developing list of names is below. Please lift them in your prayers and email any additions to Lisa@fpcrichardson.org.
  1. Charlie Anderson - RISD (Latin)
  2. Judy Bozone - Texas A&M Commerce (Music Theory)
  3. Sarah Mathieu Burdick - Lamplighter School (Pre-K)
  4. Josh Carter (Lisa's son) - Dallas College (Game Technology)
  5.  Kathy Crouch (Howard Kent's daughter) - RISD (Elementary)
  6. Mary Mathieu Farrington - RISD (Counselor)
  7. John Fattaruso - SMU (Physics)
  8. Andy Forisha - United States Naval Academy (Math)
  9. Kate Forisha - Plano ISD (Administrator)
  10. Stephen Forisha - Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD (Math)
  11. Nancy Freeman - Mesquite ISD (Science)
  12. Katie Gassensmith - Frisco ISD (Music
  13. Wayne Geyer - Texas A&M Commerce Graduate Assistant
  14. Lyna Colbaugh Gonzalez - RISD (Librarian)
  15. Julia Haun - UTD (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  16. David Hughes - Frisco ISD (Math)
  17. Jessica Fandrick Kirkland - Allen ISD (3rd Grade)
  18. Valerie Lormor - Austin ISD (Kindergarten)
  19. Sarah Rowley - DePauw University (History)
  20. Stefani Stewart - GISD (Special Ed)
  21. Barbara Sucher - RISD (Counselor)
  22. Shannon Talley - Dallas College, Richland Campus (Vocal Music)
  23. Sarah Wright - RISD (Substitute)
Front Line Healthcare Workers 
Treating COVID-19 Patients

Patrick Hammontree - Physical Therapist for Urgent Care Patients and COVID screener at Medical City

Madeline Katz (granddaughter of Suzanne Katz) - nurse on COVID-19 wing at Baylor/Dallas

Dr. Jeff Gotts (son of Ernie & Lindy Gotts) - MD in the ICU of Univ. of CA, San Francisco

Marcia Franzen (daughter of Beverly & Marty Gallagher) - nurse on COVID-19 ward in Stockholm

Ally Stilwell (Pastor Rosy's best friend) - infectious diseases pharmacist in Brooklyn, NY

Jack & Tracy Childress (Lisa Carter's brother & sister-in-law) - ER Dr. and nurse in Gainesville

Bekah Leon (Colleen Oates' niece) - ER nurse in Wilmington, DE

Morgan James (Jenny's husband) - RN at Children's Medical.

Karen Scott (Charlie Bross' daughter) - Speech Therapist in a nursing home COVID unit

Lily Agwe - Healthcare First Responder, Highland Springs

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