August 19, 2020

It's hard to believe that it's been five months since this whole thing began. And at the same time, it's hard to believe it's only been five months. The school year is upon us. With students preparing to go back to school, teachers working to make their classrooms ready or learning new technology, and parents still wondering if they've made the right decisions, we have a clear role as the church. We are being called to pray continuously, to listen well, and to provide support and encouragement in any way we can. This week, I invite you to pray, to listen, and to be an encourager. These days are not easy, but we'll get through them together.  

Pastor Jessie
Sun, Aug 23
Fellowship Coffee Hour - Zoom: 9:30 am

Worship - Facebook: 10:30 am

Adult Sunday School class via Zoom: 9am 
Tues, Aug 25
Spirituality of Breadmaking with Pastor Jessie via Zoom: 7 pm

Spirituality of Breadmaking 

 LAST CLASS - Tuesday, August 25  
7 p.m. via Zoom

Yeast. Flour. Water. Salt. These simple ingredients come together to form one of life's simplest and most delicious joys: bread. Join Pastor Jessie for a 3 week short-term series on the Spirituality of Breadmaking. Jessie loves to bake bread- sourdough, specifically - we will talk together about the ways in which baking bread can connect us to God and one another. All are welcome!  
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FPCR Yard Signs & T-shirts

Pick Up Your #FPCR150 Swag Thursday, Sep. 3!
They're almost here! Those of you who ordered yard signs or T-shirts can pick up your items starting September 3 at FPCR. We'll have them sorted and waiting for you at the NETWORK Food Drive-so please consider bringing a food donation when you drop by!  

We are in the midst of planning for the fall and are looking into the possibility of a weekly Bible study via Zoom. All you'll need is a Bible. Optional prep work is to read over a brief weekly article from the Presbyterian Outlook (Looking Into the Lectionary). We'll reference the article some during our time together.

Click here to let us know what day and time works best for you.  
Miss Betty's 
Ice Cream 
Brownie Pie

Contributed by the Latham's

You'll love this fun, 
summer dessert!!
Click here for recipe. 
We need your recipes! Email 
It may be featured in an upcoming ePress!

Don't be Scammed!
Scammers are hard at work even during a pandemic!  

An FPCR member's email has been hacked.  Please be aware:
  • If you receive an email from any church member, staff, or anyone outside of the church asking for financial help or gift cards of any kind, please know that it is a scam.  FPCR staff or members would never use email for something like that. It is best to not even respond so the scammer doesn't try to hack your email too!!
  • The latest scam is a phone call or email that will tell you that you have been exposed to COVID-19. They will volunteer to send you a testing kit and ask for a credit card number to pay for the shipping.  This is a scare tactic to get your credit card information. NEVER give out your credit card info or any personal information.
  • If you should get an email that you are unsure of, you can always verify the email it was sent from at the top of the email. More than likely it will be a slightly different email address than the one you have on file for someone you know.

Online Gatherings - Every Friday at Noon
We are continuing to offer an online gathering 
each week as a way to process and share grief.
Please join us every Friday at Noon.  
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Even though our doors are closed temporarily, your pastors, staff, session and many volunteers are all still hard at work to be there for each of you during this time.

Please remember to continue with your giving and pledges by clicking the link below or mail your offerings.

** Please note new mailing address **

First Presbyterian Church
PO Box 831985
Richardson, TX  75083

If you would like to receive the church's prayer 
concerns list, please email 
An updated list will be emailed each week.


Front Line Healthcare Workers 
Treating COVID-19 Patients

Patrick Hammontree, Physical Therapist for Urgent Care Patients and COVID screener at Medical City

Sue Moyer (Mary Stewart's daughter) - ER nurse in Glenwood, Colorado

Madeline Katz (granddaughter of Suzanne Katz) - nurse on COVID-19 wing at Baylor/Dallas

Dr. Jeff Gotts (son of Ernie & Lindy Gotts) - MD in the ICU of Univ. of CA, San Francisco

Marcia Franzen (daughter of Beverly & Marty Gallagher) - nurse on COVID-19 ward in Stockholm

Ally Stilwell (Pastor Rosy's best friend) - infectious diseases pharmacist in Brooklyn, NY

Jack & Tracy Childress (Lisa Carter's brother & sister-in-law) - ER Dr. and nurse in Gainesville
as of 7.28.20
Revenues:                 YTD Budget         YTD Actual
Pledged Receipts              $260,170.02          $270,221.92
Other Receipts                  $  49,403.78          $   34,314.19
Total Revenues                 $309,573.80          $304,536.11
Total Expenses                  $314,518.38           $320,861.00
Net Total                               -$4,944.58            -$16,324.89
Moments in History
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September 20
October 18
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December 12 (Saturday AM)

September 26, 2020 - Austin College, Sherman
November 14, 2020 - Canyon Creek, Richardson

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Present Word 
Sunday School 
Prophets in Pajamas
Sunday - 9 am
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FPCR Fellowship 
Coffee Hour
Sunday -  9:30 am

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Children's Sunday School will resume October 4
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