October 14,  2020

Mark your calendars! We will have a called congregational meeting on October 25th, to elect Church officers (ruling elders) and Nominating Committee members for this next year. The Nominating Committee will share their nominations in next week's ePress. How will we have a congregational meeting when we are still doing virtual church? Virtually of course! Next week's ePress will have instructions for accessing the Zoom call and calling in via telephone. If you would like to nominate someone to serve on Session, there will be a time for nominations from the floor. Please contact me (david@fpcrichardson.org or 214.864.2286) for more information on how to nominate someone other than the committee's slate.

A few weeks ago we participated in North Texas Giving Day. We raised $2,757 for the Pastors' Emergency Fund through that campaign. A great big thanks to all who donated! That designated fund is used to provide emergency aid to our neighbors in need. 

Giving statements were sent out over email this week. This is something new, and takes advantage of new software we are using. You might begin to see some additional communications that use the REALM platform. We plan to incorporate other features in the near future. Hardcopies of the giving statements will be mailed through the US Postal Service. If you with to receive hardcopies of future statements, you will need to let the Church's Financial Office know of your preference (finance@fpcrichardson.org or 972.235.2316.)


Pastor David
Wed, Oct 14
"Hymns of the Heart" with Ralph via Zoom: 7 pm
Thurs, Oct 15
Drive-Thru Network Food Drive: 9:30-11:30 am
Fri, Oct 16
Youth "Drive In" Movie Night: 7 pm
Sun, Oct 18
Adult Sunday School class via Zoom: 9 am

Fellowship Coffee Hour via Zoom: 9:30 am

Worship via Facebook - 10:30 am

Tues, Oct 20Pastors' Bible Study via Zoom: 5-6 pm

Hymns of the Heart  

LAST WEEK of the
3 Week Series with Ralph
Wednesday - 7 pm
via Zoom

Join Ralph Stannard for the last of this 3-week series exploring favorite hymns, both old and new! We'll learn more about the stories behind the creation and history of some hymns, and reflect upon how some hymns have a special place in our hearts. All are invited to take part October 14, 7:00-8 pm, via Zoom

Click here to register and receive the Zoom log-in information.

via Zoom
Tuesday, Oct 27, 12 - 12:30pm

This year we will be hosting our event virtually and hope you will make plans to join us. Those who RSVP by October 20 will receive a special treat in the mail to enjoy during the Zoom event!

 Please click here to RSVP.
Contact Melanie.Stovall@pchas.org / 469-552-9525 
with questions or to receive information about matching gifts.

 Thanks, and we hope to "see" you there!

Our partnership with St. Barnabas and Canyon Creek Presbyterian Churches to support the Network of Community Ministries continues, but with a new monthly schedule. 

1st Thursdays of the month: CCPC
2nd Thursdays of the month: St. B
3rd Thursdays of the month: FPCR
Additionally, FPCR will host an extra food drive on October 29, 9:30-11:30 am.
We hope to see you this Thursday, October 15, 9:30-11:30 am. 
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Relyea's: 

Stewardship packets will be ready later this month. 
If anyone is interested in helping make deliveries, 
please email Lisa at lisa@fpcrichardson.org.

Just a reminder 
if you use a bank auto-draft for
any pledges or giving to FPCR,
be sure to update our new address with your bank rather than the old 271 N. Walton address.

FPCR's New Address: 

PO Box 831985, 
Richardson, TX  75083

We Extend Our Sympathy to the Wilson Family

We pray for Justin (son of 
Vicki Culpepper
; grandson of 
Dona Blodgett
) and Fabiola Wilson, who were preparing for the birth of a son, when tragedy struck.

A "Go Fund Me" page has been established to help the family with the many unexpected expenses associated with this incredible loss. Click here for that info.

To send a card or letter of support to the Wilson family: 


Justin & Fabiola Wilson
438 Melrose
Richardson, TX 75080

Don't be Scammed!

**NEVER give out any personal information over the phone, 
email or text**

Unfortunately, there are continually new scams to steal personal information - credit card, bank account, driver's license number and social security number.  
For a list of all the current scams, click here. 

Don't answer any text messages, emails or phone calls from people or numbers you do not know. 



Online Gatherings - Every Friday at Noon
We are continuing to offer an online gathering 
each week as a way to process and share grief.
Please join us every Friday at Noon.  
Click here to receive the link to join.

Even though our doors are closed temporarily, your pastors, staff, session and many volunteers are all still hard at work to be there for each of you during this time.

Please remember to continue with your giving and pledges by clicking the link below or mail your offerings.

** Please note new mailing address **

First Presbyterian Church
PO Box 831985
Richardson, TX  75083

If you would like to receive the church's prayer 
concerns list, please email lisa@fpcrichardson.org. 
An updated list will be emailed each week.

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Recognizing the unusual and demanding challenges teachers face this school year because of COVID-19, we want to identify and pray for FPCR members (or family members) who are teaching this year. Our developing list of names is below. Please lift them in your prayers and email any additions to Lisa@fpcrichardson.org.
  1. Charlie Anderson - RISD (Latin)
  2. Judy Bozone - Texas A&M Commerce (Music Theory)
  3. Sarah Mathieu Burdick - Lamplighter School (Pre-K)
  4. Josh Carter (Lisa's son) - Richland College (Game Technology)
  5.  Kathy Crouch (Howard Kent's daughter) - RISD (Elementary)
  6. Mary Mathieu Farrington - RISD (Counselor)
  7. John Fattaruso - SMU (Physics)
  8. Andy Forisha - United States Naval Academy (Math)
  9. Kate Forisha - Plano ISD (Administrator)
  10. Stephen Forisha - Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD (Math)
  11. Nancy Freeman - Mesquite ISD (Science)
  12. Katie Gassensmith - Frisco ISD (Music
  13. Wayne Geyer - Texas A&M Commerce Graduate Assistant
  14. Lyna Colbaugh Gonzalez - RISD (Librarian)
  15. Julia Haun - UTD (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  16. David Hughes - Frisco ISD (Math)
  17. Jessica Fandrick Kirkland - Allen ISD (3rd Grade)
  18. Valerie Lormor - Austin ISD (Kindergarten)
  19. Sarah Rowley - DePauw University (History)
  20. Stefani Stewart - GISD (Special Ed)
  21. Barbara Sucher - RISD (Counselor)
  22. Shannon Talley - Dallas College, Richland Campus (Vocal Music)
  23. Sarah Wright - RISD (Substitute)

Front Line Healthcare Workers 
Treating COVID-19 Patients

Patrick Hammontree, Physical Therapist for Urgent Care Patients and COVID screener at Medical City

Sue Moyer (Mary Stewart's daughter) - ER nurse in Glenwood, Colorado

Madeline Katz (granddaughter of Suzanne Katz) - nurse on COVID-19 wing at Baylor/Dallas

Dr. Jeff Gotts (son of Ernie & Lindy Gotts) - MD in the ICU of Univ. of CA, San Francisco

Marcia Franzen (daughter of Beverly & Marty Gallagher) - nurse on COVID-19 ward in Stockholm

Ally Stilwell (Pastor Rosy's best friend) - infectious diseases pharmacist in Brooklyn, NY

Jack & Tracy Childress (Lisa Carter's brother & sister-in-law) - ER Dr. and nurse in Gainesville
as of 9.31.20
Revenues:                     YTD Budget         YTD Actual
Pledged Receipts                $412,344.72             $ 398,992.52
Other Receipts                    $  76,500.00             $ 145,158.98
Total Revenues                   $488,844.72             $ 544,151.50
Total Expenses                    $488,844.36             $494,363.97
Net Total                              $           0.36            $  49,787.53

In response to the cashflow uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the First Presbyterian Church Session borrowed $69,300 from Pioneer Bank through the SBA Payroll Protection Program. The process for PPP loan/grant forgiveness is still being debated by the US government. These funds are reflected in the "Other Receipts" column.

October 18
November 15
December 12 (Saturday AM)

November 14, 2020 - Canyon Creek, Richardson

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10:30 Worship 
via Facebook  
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Present Word 
Sunday School 
Prophets in Pajamas
Sunday - 9 am

This week will cover Lessons 6 & 7. Please click to download each file.  

God commands us to love one another. Explore with us the evolution of this command in the passages from the Old and New Testament and the challenges it presents us today.

New Link: Click here to register in advance through Nov 1.

FPCR Fellowship 
Coffee Hour
Sunday - 9:30 am

Click here to register in advance through the end of September or click here to join the meeting if you have already registered.

Pastors' Bible Study
Tuesday - 5:00 pm

Click here to pre-register through the end of the year.

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for additional Zoom info.
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First Friday
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There will be no First Friday offered until further notice. 
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