June 2020 - Updates from the Forever Parks Foundation
Hello Friends of the Forever Parks Foundation,

We hope this email continues to find all of our friends and families safe and healthy as we are now into the heat of the summer here in the greater Pearland area. More than ever, our Parks and Recreation department is playing an important role in all of our lives as we look to safely get outdoors with our family and friends in a socially distanced way. We've shared some great ideas for the summer, and also an update on two of our major projects: the Educational Pond and Wetlands Project as well as the All Inclusive Playground.

Creating Engagement, Health and Wellness for our Community During Covid-19
Due to Covid-19, our Parks have been more critical than ever offering sunshine and respite from our own four walls. As requirements changed quickly, our Parks and Recreation Department answered the call to meet the community needs in a completely new way. With the physical doors closed, they opened a digital window and maintained our green spaces and personal connection with new strategies and standards.

Through Boredom Buster Bag Giveaways, the new education program "Adventures with Edu-Katie," virtual fitness classes, Pearland's Adventure Hunt, Live Educational Programs and Trivia Nights, nothing could stop our Pearland Parks and Recreation team. We hope you all have gotten to enjoy some of these events and look for even more exciting program as we move into July as we celebrate National Parks Month.
Project Update: Educational Pond and Wetlands Project
Since pond construction was completed behind the Dolores Fenwick Nature Center, City staff has worked to collect and install native wetland vegetation. A variety of plants are sought to provide a diversity in plant types which allows for great teaching opportunities when discussing wetland vegetation with visitors. As a plus, many of them also produce colorful flowers as well! So far, approximately 85 plants have been installed within the ponds and staff will continue to bring more into the area in the coming weeks. Landscaped areas are still on hold until volunteers are allowed to return to action and assist on installation. Many aquatic invertebrates can be seen darting around int he pond as well as small fish populations. There has also been a Red-eared slider (turtle) who has taken up residence in the pond as of late! Thank you to all who have supported the pond thus far.
Project Update: All Inclusive Playground
The FPF Board partnered with Inclusion Matters to recently host two virtual community meetings (via Zoom) to solicit feedback for the design plans on the All Inclusive Playground planned for the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch. We so appreciate all of the thoughtful feedback and input so we can truly make sure that this playground is customized to the needs of our community. In the upcoming weeks, we will be soliciting input on a "theme" and finalizing design plans. Later this summer, we will share the plans for the next round of feedback. We can't wait to share more soon.  

The work the Forever Parks Foundation does to support the Parks and Recreation Department is only possible thanks to the generous and continued support from you, our donors, our community leaders, our advocates and our friends. If your financial situation allows at this time, we do hope you will consider donating $25 via the link below to continue to support these projects. We can't wait to engage with all of you more in person when it is safe to do so! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for ongoing updates on these projects and for the most up to date information on parks and facilities follow Pearland Parks and Recreation.

Thank you,
Kelly Moody
Forever Parks Foundation, President

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