May 2020 - Updates from the Forever Parks Foundation
Hello Friends of the Forever Parks Foundation,

We hope this email continues to find all of our friends and families safe and healthy as we slowly start to re-open businesses and facilities across our region. As a Board, we've had to reevaluate our own plans for development and funding in light of this crisis but are working hard to continue progress during this time. We do have some exciting updates to share about our projects and also how you can get more directly involved in influencing what our new projects look like for all of us to enjoy this summer and beyond.

As we introduced last month, one of our big projects this spring is the development of the Educational Pond and Wetlands Project at the Delores Fenwick Nature Center. The project has been progressing quickly and the DFNC team has begun collecting and installing the locally native aquatic plants in and around the pond. Many species of aquatic invertebrates have already found the pond, and it's quite common to see birds getting a drink or taking a bath in the water. Before it heats up too much, we encourage you to get out with your friends and family to safely check it out. This project is a partnership between the Forever Parks Foundation and the Pearland Rotary Club.
In addition, we are excited to advance our plan for Pearland's first All Inclusive Playground. As shared in last month's newsletter, the Forever Parks Foundation has teamed up with Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration. Our first all inclusive playground will be located within the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch near the intended Miracle Field already included in the City's Master Plan. To get involved, we are hosting two virtual Community Meetings to solicit community input on what you would like to see in designing this playground. Hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, June 2nd, please RSVP via this link to receive more details . If you are unable to attend the virtual Community Meetings, you may also provide input via online survey as well.

If you aren't familiar with what makes an All Inclusive Playground so uniquely special, learn more by watching the following video to see it through a child's eyes.    

Thank you in advance for all your input and support on both of these endeavors. Because of the social distancing limitations, unfortunately, we are still revising our plans for many of our planned in-person fundraising events. If your financial situation allows at this time, we do hope you will consider donating via the link below to continue to support these projects in this virtual way. We can't wait to engage with all of you more in person when it is safe to do so! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for ongoing updates on these projects and for most up to date information on parks and facilities re-opening follow Pearland Parks and Recreation.

Thank you,
Kelly Moody
Forever Parks Foundation, President

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