There is nothing I’d rather get this Christmas, than the news I just received. This week, two families have graduated out of the program, and into stable housing. Remember that ‘graduating’ means the family has saved up enough money, and has sustainable income resources in place, to be able to live in a place of their own. And having a place of their own gives a family hope. How awesome is that! These two families have a combined 7 children who will now sleep in their own bed. Every night. 

And…now our program has room for more families with children, to get them into the proven program Family Promise offers, so they too can begin that journey to a new home and future. 

That journey only happens as a result of the love and kindness each of our volunteers offers at one of the host or support congregations. Thank you so much for all you do to move these families in positive directions. Providing food, sitting with families at dinner, being an over-night host, arranging games and activities, supporting or managing the logistics. It takes a village.

I’d like to thank our board for their passion for our mission. Thank you to our talented and dedicated staff. Thank you all who show up at the Day Center and just add value to the program (you read about them each month in this newsletter). Thank you to the Bed Race Committee. Thank you to those who developed a new website for us this year. Thank you to those who just show up and help us get things done. Or bring fresh ideas to the table. It just doesn’t work without all those who volunteer here at Family Promise of Grayson County. 

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. And thank you for your support. 

Asa Jesse 

Board Chair 
Family Promise of Grayson County