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New Insight on Neuropathic Pain Treatment
New Insight on Neuropathic Pain Treatment
Neuropathic pain is defined as "pain that arises as a direct consequence of a lesion or disease affecting the nervous system." Any kind of disease or condition that damages the nervous system may give rise to neuropathic pain.
Whatever the reason is, neuropathic pain affects the patient's life in many ways. For this reason, the treatment of neuropathic pain requires a multidisciplinary approach including both interventional and non-interventional (pharmacological, psychological, and physical therapy) therapies.
Single Injection Alleviates Chemotherapy Pain for Months in Mice
Single Injection Alleviates Chemotherapy Pain for Months in Mice
Researchers found that treating mice with a single spinal injection of a protein called AIBP -- and thus switching 'off' TLR4, a pro-inflammatory molecule -- prevented and reversed inflammation and cellular events associated with pain processing. The treatment alleviated chemotherapy pain in mice for two months with no side effects.
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SAVE THE DATE | NYC Patient Conference
FPN NYC Patient Conference 
October 13, 2018
8:30am - 12:15pm ET
Mount Sinai Hospital
1468 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10029
Formal invitation to follow.
Finding Better Way to Quantify Neuropathy Symptoms and Treatment Efficacy
Finding Better Way to Quantify Neuropathy Symptoms and Treatment Efficacy
Peripheral neuropathy often goes under reported and untreated, said Ellen Lavoie Smith, associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. This happens because clinicians and researchers don't have a valid, standardized way to measure symptoms or the effectiveness of neuropathy treatments.
Diabetes Sparks a Rise in Neuropathy
Diabetes Sparks a Rise in Neuropathy 
Autonomic and small fiber neuropathy used to be considered rare conditions. But with approximately 30 million Americans affected by diabetes - one of the main underlying causes for these diseases - it's an emerging problem.
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