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January 2017
Neurophysiology & Nerve Conduction Studies
FPN Neurophysiology
Neurophysiology is a discipline within the health sciences which deals with the measurement and assessment of nervous system function rather than the anatomy of the nervous system. It helps to diagnose and monitor the progress of nervous disorders. This video explains the value of electrodiagnostic testing. To read more and watch the video click here! 
Optimizing Deep Brain Stimulation for Neuropathic Pain Relief
Optimizing Deep Brain Stimulation
While deep brain stimulation (DBS) is commonly used to alleviate Parkinson's disease symptoms, this therapy has also proven effective in providing long-term benefits for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Read more click here
Applying Gene Therapy Ointment to Try to Reverse Debilitating Diabetic Neuropathy Pain
Gene Therapy 
For the 25 percent of type-2 diabetes patients who suffer from numbness and extreme nerve pain in their feet, a new dermatological treatment being tested by Northwestern Medicine scientists could potentially help prevent and maybe even reverse the neuropathy. "The type of neuropathy the researchers are trying to treat goes beyond the typical numbness some patients with neuropathy experience," said first author Dr. Daniela Menichella, assistant professor of neurology at Feinberg whose focus is the clinical care and laboratory-based research of diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Menichella was also an attendee at the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy's International Research Symposium last September. Read more click here!  
FPN 2016 International Research Symposium Videos are Now Available
FPN 2016 International Research Symposium Videos
You are now able to view the sessions from our 2016 International Research Symposium. The content may be scientific but extremely insightful. 

To view the videos click here!
For a synopsis of the Symposium click here
Five Part Series on the Use of Medical Cannabis for Treating Neuropathic Pain
FPN Legalized Medical Marijuana
We are excited to share the first two of five installments of a comprehensive review of the use of medical cannabis by Dr. Rosemary Mazanet, a presenter and attendee at The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy's 2016 International Research Symposium where she spoke on the use of medical cannabis. The five part series will cover:  
  1. The status of legalized medical marijuana and what is dispensed (click here
  2. The history of cannabis use (click here)
  3. How does cannabis work? (available in February)
  4. The benefits and effects of medical cannabis (available in February)
  5. How to use medical cannabis (available in March)
Dr. Rosemary Mazanet MD PhD was trained in Internal Medicine (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston) and Medical Oncology (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston), and has been active in the Biotechnology community for the last 30 years. Currently she is involved in strategic drug development and is the head of the Scientific Advisory Board for Columbia Care, Inc, a company that grows and dispenses legal medical cannabis in 9 states.
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