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PN Research Registry Yields New Discovery
FPN PNRR Yields New Discovery
On December 15, 2017, the first scientific study utilizing the patient data from the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry (PNRR) was published. Our data helped scientists examine the relevance of mutations in sodium channels 

To learn more about this discovery, click here.
The Burdens Posed by Invisible Physical and Mental Illnesses
The Burdens Posed by Invisible Physcial _ Mental Illness
"I look healthy," writes Toni Bernhard. "My friend, whom I'll call Gail, also looks healthy. The difference is that I suffer from a physical illness [peripheral neuropathy] and she suffers from a mental illness:  depression . The similarity is that both of our conditions are invisible to others."
Read this article , written by FPN's friend and supporter, Toni Bernhard, J.D.
Does Low Level Light Therapy Help with Neuropathy?
Does LLLT Help with Neuropathy
LLLT has received praise, with published research studies extolling its benefits in pain reduction. But doubts persist in mainstream medicine with no clinical trials available to confirm its impacts.
Read more from FPN's very own Support Group Leader, Bill Wilshire, who shares his story about his neuropathy and how LLLT helped him.
Rising Rates of Neuropathy - What You Should Know
Rising Rates of PN
Young people with diabetes are developing neuropathy at alarming rates, according to a recent study. Researchers found that diabetic peripheral neuropathy grew in prevalence the longer a young person had diabetes (Type 1 and 2) and was linked to poor glycemic control and modifiable lifestyle habits like smoking and over-consumption of cholesterol.
Unfortunately, diabetic neuropathy isn't the only type of peripheral neuropathy which affects people young and old. Read more. 
Doctors are Prescribing More Gabapentinoids
Doctors are Prescribing More Gabapentinoids
Increased prescribing of gabapentinoids for chronic pain management may be driven, in part, by the response to the opioid epidemic.
According to this article, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved gabapentinoids for several conditions involving nerve pain. 
Letters from Fans

" Appreciation as a nurse to my patient for your support as we move through to understand Peripheral Neuropathy. I am very grateful for your updates received, and as a nurse I need to understand signs and symptoms in order symptomatically treat patients who came with complaints. I will be up to date with any information!  Thank you so much!" -Geamu

"Thank you so very much for the information, it makes me feel better just knowing people know what this dratted disease is and some helpful suggestions for relief...I appreciate the info and love knowing your organization is there with helpful tips. Thanks so much!" -Marilyn

"Thanks for all your information. I now feel better informed.. -Robyn

"I love this site! It helps me to understand PN better and make informed decisions regarding my treatment." -Nancy
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