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Could a Pufferfish be the Next Big thing for Neuropathy Treatment?
Could a Pufferfish be the next
Researchers are testing a new, non-addictive treatment for peripheral neuropathy patients.
Watch FPN's very own Support Group Leader, Joseph Malkevitch, and neurologist, Dr. David Simpson in this brief news clip.   

Father/Daughter Support FPN's Quest for Research Findings
Father_Daughter Support FPN
In August 2017, Walter van Woudenberg and daughter, Saskia Keyes each pledged $5,000 to fund the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy's quest for research findings specific to idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Their gifts aim to assemble the latest science on all of the options available to help sufferers of idiopathic neuropathy select the best relief for their affliction.
Read more about their journey and their ask of you. 
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Read more about ways you can join FPN and get involved on Giving Tuesday.

Discovery of PN Cause Suggests Potential Preventive Measures
Discover of PN Cause Suggest Potential
In discovering how certain chemotherapy drugs cause peripheral neuropathy, researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found a potential approach to preventing this common and troublesome side effect of cancer treatment. 
The new report in the journal Neuron reveals for the first time precisely how taxanes, a class of commonly used chemotherapy drugs, trigger a dying off of sensory axons. With this knowledge, it might someday be possible, the investigators say, to give patients a drug prior to chemotherapy treatment that would reduce or prevent neuropathy symptoms.
Marijuana for Nerve Pain Offers Hope for Neuropathy Sufferers
Marijuana for Nerve Pain 
Medical marijuana has been found to be effective in treating a whole host of conditions and disorders. In fact, as scientists continue to investigate the plant, more medicinal uses are being found. One of the conditions medical marijuana is found to be useful for is neuropathy.    
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Thank you!" -Virginia

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Looking forward to learning more and even hearing of a cure one day." -Ernesto

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Neuropathies are painful, maddening and takes over your life. 
I would give anything if we could find a cure."  -Sharon

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After looking at your site and reading lots of your articles, 
I'm having more hope for my future." -Lynda
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