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Tai Chi Better Than Other Exercise for Falls Prevention for Elderly
Tai Chi Better Than Other Exercise
Balance training based on the Chinese martial arts discipline tai ji quan -- better known as tai chi -- reduced falling risks among the elderly more than conventional forms of exercise, a randomized clinical trial found.
Marijuana Use by Baby Boomers Growing
Marijuana Use by Baby Boomers Growing
Marijuana use by middle-aged and older adults in the U.S. has grown significantly over the past decade, in part because more baby boomers are seeking relief from neuropathy and other painful conditions associated with aging.
NY Patient Conference this Past Weekend
This past weekend we hosted a successful Patient Conference in New York City! We had a fantastic lineup of experts with great discussions!  
We will be sharing highlights of the conference in our newsletters and communications over the coming weeks, as well as making a full recording of the conference available to our Premium Members. Please stay tuned.  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research Study
Carpal Tunnel Clinical Trial
A non-invasive device has been developed to alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and is being investigated in an NIH-funded clinical trial . If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and have the diagnosis confirmed via a nerve conduction study, then you/they may be eligible to join this study. Find out more. 
Letters from Fans
" I am very happy that I found FPN because I need all the information to maybe get some pain relief. Thanks!" - Electra
"Many thanks for sponsoring the excellent patient conference last Saturday. I was so pleased to be able to live stream it in my home in western Virginia. What a great arrangement! The speakers and topics were really helpful. It was good to get to see the board members and staff and hear from them. You are doing a wonderful job!"  
- Katharine
" Thanks for all your research efforts and excellent communication." - Richard
"I am so glad I found your site. I felt so alone and helpless to deal with my condition because none of the physicians I had seen seemed to know anything about it or how to treat it." - Barbara
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