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The Fight to End Peripheral Neuropathy
The Fight to End Peripheral Neuropathy
Our very own Executive Director shares her hopes for new treatment options for peripheral neuropathy.
Patisiran Wins Two Firsts with FDA Approval
Patisiran Wins Two Firsts with FDA Approval
On August 10, the FDA said it had approved patisiran (Onpattro) to treat polyneuropathy associated with hereditary transthyretin (hATTR) amyloidosis, caused by a gene mutation that leads to amyloid deposits in nerves and tissues.
In the phase III APOLLO trial, patisiran slowed peripheral neuropathy progression in patients with hATTR amyloidosis, improving neurological impairment and clinical manifestation by over 18 months. 
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You're Invited: NY Patient Conference
Registration is now open for our October 13th Patient Conference at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.  
For more information about this event, including the topics that will be covered, please review our event flyer. Additional information can be found on our Events webpage. Hope to see you there!
Electroacupuncture Shows Benefits in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Electroacupuncture Shows Benefits in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy 
Electroacupuncture may be effective and safe in the treatment of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (PDN), offering a non-pharmacological option for the persistent pain, according to results of the first multicenter randomized controlled trial on the issue. 
Treating Nerve Pain after Chemotherapy: An Option that May Work
Treating Nerve Pain After Chemotherapy_ An Option That May Work
The antidepressant duloxetine has been found to help relieve neuropathic pain. 
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Neurological Manifestations of HIV
Neurological Manifestations of HIV
Peripheral neuropathy is the most common neurological complication in HIV/AIDS, as it affects between 30% to 60% of individuals. 
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Letters from Fans
"You guys did an awesome job with the Patient Conference in DC ! I really did learn so much! Thank you for all the work you did into making it available to everyone out of town!" - Lynne
" I have found the advice helpful and supportive. I live in the UK where such support and advice seems to be in very short supply. The medical and support community seem to have little/no understanding of the discomfort and issues caused by PN."  
- Alan
"Keep up the great effort!! ." - Bruce
"Glad to find you and start learning more about how to deal with this and what the future may hold." - Christopher
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