We Are Growing Hope Worldwide!
After an extensive process that involved in-depth research as well as interviews and focus groups with staff and key supporters, we are excited to announce that we have unanimous board approval to adopt a new name and logo:
Our new name reflects our agricultural roots and the key role that we play in helping people a world away lift themselves out of poverty and hunger, providing hope for generations to come.

Our logo contains three, interrelated parts: a circle, a green heart, and three lines of soil.
Symbolizing rows of crops and levels of transformation program participants go through as they lift themselves up, the  lines of soil also show the deep roots of our Christian faith.

The  green heart  symbolizes our Growing Projects and the seeds of hope that they plant for people around the world. It also represents our belief that people living in extreme poverty can grow and flourish when provided opportunity.

Our devotion to people around the world is shown by the  circle enclosing the elements.

Having a name and logo that better capture the spirit of our organization will inspire more people to join us and start new Growing Projects, ultimately helping us reach more hungry people around the world.

When Will the New Name Take Effect?
Our name will transition over several months to ensure we do not lose the connections and strong reputation we have built as FRB. Starting this Fall, we will refer to ourselves as: Growing Hope Worldwide, formerly Foods Resource Bank (FRB), on all communications. You will receive more information in a few weeks. We also hope you'll attend our Town Hall webinar on September 6 (8 pm eastern/7 pm central), where you'll learn more and have the opportunity to have your questions answered.
What’s Next?
We are also developing a new website. Our goal is to create an easier to use, more engaging website that serves as a useful resource to you and anyone interested in learning more about our organization. You’ll also receive additional information on this project in the coming weeks.

How Do We Have the Resources for This?
Buchanan Brand + Design, the branding experts working with us on this project, is generously donating a substantial portion of their services to significantly lower the cost. In addition, we received a major grant to cover the balance of this project along with several other communication initiatives designed to support our volunteer-led Growing Projects.

Share the Good News!
While we realize it will take time to get used to our new name, we hope you will join us in sharing our excitement for the new energy and potential it provides our organization. Be sure to join our Town Hall Webinar to learn more and ask questions. And, please help spread the word about our new name as well as the many ways we are growing hope and making a lasting difference to those in need around the world. 

Your support is one of our greatest blessings.