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Get Better!
Infrastructured's Sensation system was designed to provide state-of-the-art biomechanical therapy for pain relief and weight loss. 
The Institute's Practitioners and Spiraling Trainers use this highly developed expertise to reset pain and metabolism-boosting posture that enables YOU to control (not manage) your own pain and inactive fat stores. 
September is Client Appreciation Month!
We have FREE workshops for the month of September!
Age Painless -  
Sept 13,  12:15 - 1:15pm

Sept 20,  12:15 - 1:15pm

Essential Oils
Sept 28,  12:15 - 2:15pm

Online Registration
Age Painless
Sat. Sept 13th  12:15-1:15pm
If you have neck, knee or back pain it is not about aging!  Come learn self-repair with spiraling fundamentals!
Acupuncture and Self-Repair
Sat. Sept 20th  12:15-1:15pm
Join us to hear Dan? Explain how acupuncture can aid in your self-repair and healing.
Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils
Sun. Sept 28th 12:15 - 2:15pm
Ashley Walton and Michele will introduce you to DoTERRA oils and how you can use them to makeover your medicine cabinet using natural medicine.
Dos & Donts


 Side lying Sleepers:  Notice you.

Is your neck or head supported?
Is your upper body coiled forward with a hip hitching to ribs?


You just turned off your metabolism, circulation and life force!

Reposition and Retrain!
  • Place body pillow between inner thighs with ankle axis relax aligned;
  • Knees bent in 45 degree angle;
  • Hips in spiraling neutral.
  • Place pillow between ear and front shoulder.
  • Move upper core's shoulder and ear axis back into alignment to your imaginary "car seat" and "head rest". 
  • Breath belt x5 and relax.

Yes, it may not feel neutral yet, but this is natural alignment needed for health!


Practice with body breaks, naps, and sleep habits daily please!

640 Weekly Class  Schedule





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Welcome to Infrastructured Institute's Spiraling Community!


Welcome to September! A great month to be grateful for all the mindful self repair habits you have made so far in this regenerative process!  


Daily, We feel blessed in helping to shift your philosophy on pain relief and fat store removal from those past traditional beliefs like dieting, surgery, exercising, rehab, and drug therapies that may have hindered

your bodies ability to heal!


Instead you are learning to become aware of you and your mechanical habits that used to drain energy and de-conditioned your muscle memory while RE-HABITUATING!

YAY!! Spiral Up! 



THANK YOU for letting us share in your   body's story of renewal and balance!

 YOU are not STUCK! Your nerves are!!

        And we can fix that!


This month we challenge you to notice your habits as you recline in bed to sleep!

What is your positional habit that renews energy and balance for your next 24? 


Physics is the key to alignment for life!

Refer to our Spiraling Do's and Don'ts for proper SIDE LYING positioning of pillows and YOU! REST WELL and HEAL BETTER!!!



Since that bad habit of sitting in "couch slouch" was memorized, your most important chain of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia became glued and turned off.

This causes many body conditions but its not your fault! It's a body default!

Every time you notice pain and "Spiral down to get up" you reconnect those kinetic chains to restore more core!

This month... as you stand, sit, and side sleep!


Last gift for being such a gift to us:

Our "Sit-Away Pain" video this month is a fundamental element of our Self Repair Science offered only to Spiraling Website Community members but is FREE for you this Fall Season

 (so you don't fall and can't get up!) LOL


Enjoy your best habits sleeping/sitting this month and commit to joining 10 Reboot classes; educational workshops to fix you yourself; and join the Spiraling community for a wealth of knowledge to renew your kid capacity!!



Spiral away the day with your healing ways!  



Michele Diseati, AADP


Spiraling Move of the Month 
Seated Spiral

This Spiraling solution integrates core muscles from arches to neck muscles instead of "Couch Slouch" habits in joints!

Engage your 640 muscles as you learn to reconnect your senses and anchor your core to the floor x 10 today!

This will help engage weak muscles and regenerate nerves to eliminate joint pain and fat stores anytime, anywhere!

Natural Medicine 101 With DoTERRA Essential Oils
The Infrastructured Intro Kit includes:

wild orange
deep blue

The first three are basics to promote self-repair, regeneration and

  Wild orange is for mood
stability and deep blue is  for pain relief.
Once you have had an assessment and your first private with Michele see our Office Manager or one of our front desk assistants to order your Self Repair Basics Kit.
Bionic Woman of the Month

  "I broke my kneecap and tore my ACL when I was only 10.  So, I can't remember a time when I could say I didn't have bad knees. By nature of getting hurt so young, I completely adapted to the injury and how to work through it. I suffered from chronic leg cramps and overall alignment issues. Michele and I worked through the Spiraling methodology and within a week I noticed better posture, less cramping, more energy in my legs and less pain in my shoulders and neck. I've gone on to compete in long distance bike rides and recently the Muddy Buddy Run/Bike Race.  I couldn't have done it without her system."


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